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Shelby Cobra AC 427 1966 by ISI v1.03


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1966 AC 427 v1.03 Now Available!
Disclaimer: READ THIS (technique section). There's no rev limiter... (I told you to read it).

Download here. :smile:
Profile <-- read this

We're very happy to bring you this spectacular classic car to rFactor 2 - free - as always. This one is special. We feel that you'll find this a worthy challenge and ultimately could find a level of enjoyment from this car that you may not have expected.

The AC 427. One of the most iconic cars, and in many ways notorious. While possible to tame, it was known as the "Cobra" for a reason, it would bite back. A gentle touch was thus needed to handle this car. Having some 485hp in S/C state, with street legal tire technology meant that wheel-spin was almost always possible. In fact, it wasn't until 4th (the tallest gear) before you could, with reasonable confidence, apply full throttle.

On account of the engine having incredible torque, some 650Nm of torque from 3500 RPM, the 4-speed seems more than sufficient to accelerate the car from any speed. The S/C also features stickier rear tyres than fronts to keep the car stable, but the professional driver may find mildly understeery mid-corner, of course the right pedal is easily enough to overcome this at-will. The car also has very good stopping power featuring ventilated discs at the front and solid disc rear brakes.

While tricky, this can be one of the most rewarding rides around. In S/C form, this was about the fastest road car of it's time and has only since been matched by the most exotic supercars beginning in the 90's.

We carry two configurations:
The street tires are designed for the driving enthusiast. They should be easier for most people to drive.

The competition tires are wider, a softer compound, thus have more grip, but they are a little bit edgier on the limit. The competition tires do not exhibit the understeer that is present in the street tires either. They are designed with the racing driver in-mind. The competition version of the car also has adjustable springs and dampers.

Da Facebook.

While the core devs work on another update, and the testers work on component tests for some of the older content, the car guys are working on various other cars... The 3D artist sent us this render. Can you tell what car it is?


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I finally have the pleasure of sending out a cockpit preview shot of this lovely AC Cars 427, commonly known as an AC Cobra.
It's still a number of weeks away from going into internal testing, so certainly over a month (maybe more) away from release to the public at this point.
Tim Wheatley


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ma io mi chiedo sempre se gli screenshoot non siano ritoccati

beh se la fisica sarà della stessa qualità delle auto storiche ci sarà da divertirsi ........

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Si vede chiaramente che non c'è alcun ritocco nelle immagini: di screen simili con tali condizioni di luce se ne sono già visti parecchi.

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io non ne sarei sicuro al 100% io non ho mai avuto quei riflessi su qualsiesi tipo d'auto  forse hanno migliorato gli shader che saranno implementati nella nuova build oppure i riflessi.comunque con gli Isi c'è poco da fidarsi sono ormai due anni che stanno sviluppando RF2 ma a parte lultima build che ha portato notevoli miglioramenti si progredisce troppo lentamente e di questo passo il sim sarà finito tra oltre 3 o 4 anni........

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quanti commenti costruttivi, perchè non aggiungerci un bel


w AC, rF2 mer*a! :)


p.s. certi commenti "fanboy" di alcuni utenti di questo forum fanno passare la voglia di scrivere.

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