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Found 8 results

  1. Con il trailer che trovate qui sotto, la Fanatec annuncia ufficialmente il suo nuovo prodotto misterioso, del quale da qualche tempo fornisce piccole anticipazioni: si tratta della nuova base CSL DD Direct Drive, ovvero una base per volanti con l'ormai nota tecnologia DD che probabilmente rivoluzionerà ancora una volta il mercato, grazie ad un prezzo decisamente aggressivo. La nuova base volante di tipo direct drive fa parte della linea CSL Elite, quindi per cosi dire un direct drive di ingresso in questa tecnologia, ad un prezzo di 350€ per il modello da 5 Nm, che grazie ad un alimentatore optional, può essere portata ad una coppia di 8 Nm. Ulteriori dettagli sono disponibili a questo indirizzo. Commenti sul forum.

    Guida FFB con PCARS e CSL Elite

    Il nostro Andrea "Uff" Candini torna in video: ecco quindi i consigli di DrivingItalia per trovare un buon settaggio di partenza per il force feedback in Project CARS con la base volante CSL Elite di Fanatec. Seguite le nostre linee guida per impostare correttamente il force feedback del titolo degli Slightly Mad Studios!
  3. Dopo l'anteprima di qualche giorno fa, il nostro Andrea "Uff" Candini pubblica l'attesa video recensione della nuova ed ultima serie di periferiche di guida targate Fanatec: le CSL Elite Series. Ecco qui sotto quindi la review di DrivingItalia.NET, mentre per commenti e domande fate riferimento all'apposito topic sul forum. Buona visione!
  4. Uff

    CSL Elite Series by Fanatec

    Presentata in occasione del rilascio su console di Assetto Corsa, la linea CSL Elite di Fanatec ha da subito riscosso l'interesse di molti sim-racer: prezzi accessibili a fronte di caratteristiche tecniche di tutto rispetto. Scoprite nella nostra video anteprima di cosa si tratta e le nostre prime impressioni, lasciate le vostre domande nel topic dedicato sul forum o direttamente su YouTube. Buona visione!

    CSL Elite Series Fanatec video preview

    I nuovissimi prodotti Fanatec denominati CSL Elite Series, ovvero la CSL Elite Wheel Base con servo motore per i volanti e la pedaliera in metallo CSL Elite Pedals LC, sono stati annunciati dalla casa tedesca appena 2 giorni fa, ma il team di Inside SimRacing non ha perso tempo, provandoli immediatamente. Ecco quindi una completa anteprima in video.

    CSL Elite Series by Fanatec

    Therefore the CSL products are 100% Fanatec and state-of-the-art! You can find the full description on our webshop or in the press release but here are the highlights of the new base and the new pedals. Both products are sold separately and of course they are compatible to most previous Fanatec equipment. CSL Elite Wheel Base - Super strong and fast brushless servo motor which delivers 6 NM on the steering axis - Single belt drive unit with just one belt between axis and motor - Automotive grade QR system and compatibility to all Fanatec CSL or ClubSport steering wheels - 1080° of rotation. Good for drifting - Rev Lights integrated on the base - Strong table clamp integrated - 2 shifter ports plus handbrake port. There are CSL Shifters and handbrake also coming up next CSL Elite Pedals and CSL Elite Pedals Loadcell Kit - Solid full metal construction - Basic set comes with two pedals but with the optional Loadcell Kit you add a loadcell brake and transform the former brake pedal into a clutch pedal. - Great brake feeling even on the basic set as it comes with a strong metal spring and a PU foam damper/spring - The loadcell brake pedal is actually a big loadcell. The whole arm is the sensor and it measures pedal pressure of up to 90kg. Of Course you can adjust the brakeforce during gameplay. - Travel and stiffness of the LC brake can be easily and quickly adjusted without the need of tools - You can choose between 3 surfaces for your pedal plates. Blank metal, rubber or a sandpaper anti-skid patch My team has worked a long time and very hard to bring those products to the market. I am very proud of them and also my thanks goes to the feedback of all testers and the community for telling us what you really want and need. And finally a word to the PlayStation situation. We know that a lot of people want to know what the status is but we cannot announce anything before the contract is signed. We have a good relationship with Sony but we need to follow the rules and although there are absolutely no points of disagreement, sometimes things takes a while because of procedures and work flows. I am confident that we can announce a PS4 Version of this Wheel base soon.

    Fanatec CSL Wheel P1

    La tedesca Fanatec annuncia ufficialmente oggi il suo nuovo volante per XBox One: il CSL P1 Wheel, questo il nome del prodotto, dotato di un affascinante display all'interno dello sterzo stesso, è un volante da montare sulla base ClubSport V1 o V2, che si colloca come fascia di prezzo al di sotto della serie di volanti ClubSport, ad un prezzo di circa 150 euro. A questo link del forum dettagli e commenti. This is the first component of the new CSL series which is positioned below the very popular Clubsport Series. This steering wheel is an add-on for your existing ClubSport V1 or V2 base or the upcoming CSL base. As soon as you connect this steering wheel to your base the whole system with attached peripherals like shifters, pedals or handbrake will become an Xbox One peripheral. The diameter of 30 cm makes it more compact than other ClubSport steering wheels and the low weight of 1170 g makes it spin and react very fast. The most unique feature is the combination of the center stripe and the shift light. A multicolor LED illuminates the center stripe so you always see the middle of the wheel rim as well as the revs of your engine.
  8. Robust, practical and affordable. Our new CSL Wheel Stand* is now in our online shop We made a wheel stand to support the strongest of wheels. Our new heavy full metal construction is “rock solid”. Here´s just a few more, very convincing, reasons for you to secure one now: Unbeatable value for the price Built to Last – made of metal - inside and out. Fully Adjustable – variety of angles and heights for both the wheels and vertical posts “Stowaway–ability” – easy to quickly clear from a room Rubber Stoppers – ensure that stand remains in place - NO slipping or scratching of floors Even with Force Feedback Wheels – NO shaking Find out more in our shop, order now! The earlier you buy, the longer you'll enjoy driving.
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