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  1. Fonte. v0.8 -AI not working -ONLINE not working -Few Textures Details needs to be done -Curently Working On the Long Version of the Track DOWNLOAD
  2. DOWNLOAD 07-06-2016 fonte AC forum This post has been promoted to an article
  3. DOWNLOAD Circuit de la Sarthe The Circuit des 24 Heures, also known as Circuit de la Sarthe,located in Le Mans, Maine, France, is a semi-permanent race course most famous as the venue for the 24 Hours of Le Mans auto race. The track uses local roads that remain open to the public most of the year. The circuit, in its present configuration, is 13.629 kilometres (8.47 mi) long, making it one of the longest circuits in the world. Credits: zolee145 For the original 2012 rfactor version Conversion and improvement to Assetto Corsa Tiago Lima Update to version 2017 by jim lloyd Terra21
  4. Fonte. Hi, i converted Prato from nKPro (both short and long version). It's pretty much finished, 16 pit boxes, 3 sectors. Maybe just some shader optimization to do according to the feedback i'm going to receive and adjust the ac_start objects if somebody is going to create the ai for the track. v1.21 - Fixed green "kerbs" - Added cameras files (provided by JayJayRaceinho) v1.20 - Better ui preview image for prato long - 21 pit boxes - Added tracks lenght in the ui info - Ai for both tracks, new ai for short layout (provided by Stepy) - A bunch of new textures - Adjusted a few shaders settings that i missed last time - Fixed bumpy white lines - Corrected start spawn positions - Working traffic lights - Fixed some invisible walls - Removed windows on the pit wall DOWNLOAD
  5. Version 1 is released! Get it here. The changelog (since the last beta 2) includes: - much improved physics matching closely the real car; - accurate sounds recorded from the real car; - graphical improvements including dash lights, driver shift animations, better headlights and tail lights etc. Credits: - model & texures — Siim Annuk - physics — David Dominguez - initial sounds — NeverKrash, Modek, final recorded sounds — Surefoot - special thanks -- Zygrene Fonte.
  6. Il sogno proibito di molti sim-racer con qualche annetto sulle spalle si sta per avverare: IL mod di Formula 1 per rFactor sta per essere convertito su Assetto Corsa dai ragazzi di F1-S-R. Fonte. Please find our second public beta demo RELEASE 2 of the Ferrari F248, remember it is still WIP !, we would love to receive all the feedback we can, regarding the car, sounds, physics, bugs, anything you can find!, if you find any problems please give a full description so to help us understand what we need to, and if you enjoy this first taste then please tell us also!!!!!!!!!!!! Download link here,!3pUhiYYZ!d1xFFK0W8UhsGS2UZZJDRGRlo5kimwS9IRy47iXGV3s
  7. nuova versione 0.43 disponibile -> fonte ISI forum This post has been promoted to an article
  8. Rivijera v0.8 for Assetto Corsa location: Somewhere on Earth, fantasy track type: Temporary Point-to-Point Sprint (A2B) 2 layouts: Rivijera length: 4.3km pit boxes: 5 Rivijera Downhill length: 7.0km pit boxes: 5 Originally made for rFactor1 download

    AC: imperdibili Misano e Virginia!

    Assolutamente da non perdere, per tutti gli appassionati di Assetto Corsa, i due circuiti extra disponibili questa mattina, realizzati con una qualità ed attenzione al dettaglio davvero fuori dal comune: innanzitutto la nuova versione 1.1 dello spettacolare Missano World Circuit creato da Roberto Olivetti, quindi l'affascinante tracciato americano di Virginia International Raceway, realizzato dal trio DB, Rigel & Arthur666. Come vedete dagli screens di anteprima, due download obbligati!

    RallyLegends: nuovo update disponibile

    Il team RallyLegends ha appena rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento per Assetto Corsa: come prima cosa la release 4.0 della già apprezzata Citroen DS3 WRC, ora ulteriormente migliorata ed ottimizzata, con incluso nel pacchetto il tracciato rallycross di Holjesrx, quindi la versione 2.0 della Ford Fiesta WRC, anche questa ottimizzata, per finire con la release 2.0 della VW Polo WRC, con incluso anche il circuito rallycross di Kouvola. Per il download dei tre files necessari correte a questo link, mentre per commenti e discussioni in merito utilizzate questo topic del forum.
  11. Malagoli è al lavoro su una nuova versione della pista giapponese, basata sul progetto di Katsuo creato per rFactor
  12. Fonte. Longford 1967 For Assetto corsa Converted by Tiago Lima -Physical mesh -New track map -Update tarmac texture shaders -New grass texture -3D Grass -Updated shader values for some objects and sand -Fixed black road path -Implementation of lod optimization -Lolipot guy now is visible -Surrounding mapped with satélite HD texture -New water texture -Other general fixes and texture improvements -New track map -Lowered some objects brigness download
  13. Fonte. Quick fix Of some reported bugs V2 -Fixed ai not leaving the pit lane , or hiting the wall -Tweaked rally cross surface and sound -Tweaked lods for distant buildings -Sectors kn5 is now the correct one blue flying boxes should now be gone -New pit lane ai for both gp and gp no chicane -electric wire more ticker to try to avoid flickering -fixed reflection of pit building -performance improved in the pit area -fixed lods for big buidlings -fixed windows of big buildings DOWNLOAD

    AC: RallyLegends Ford Fiesta WRC

    Il team Rally Legends ha rilasciato per Assetto Corsa la sua terza vettura addon, dopo le acclamate Citroën DS3 e VW Polo: questa volta possiamo metterci alla guida della spettacolare Ford Fiesta WRC, disponibile sia in configurazione da asfalto che da tracciato brecciato. Inoltre sono disponibili anche due nuovi tracciati rally, sempre su ghiaia - sterrato, ovvero le tappe Kanniranni stage e Pine Ridge Rally.
  15. So Finally i recived the ok by the original creator of the track tsukuba 2005 to rfactor Special thanks to zwiss For giving me the permition Credits on the readme file Converted to Assetto Corsa By Tiago Lima Special thanks to : @Changincar to teach me everything i know @Modek by the help and support All my friends at Sim Racing Portugal that helped me with th testing DOWNLOAD
  16. DOWNLOAD!VMtDmDxS!nXLZArknWUU7qWIbKYf8IBuuBDWXpyPDfivPGMm-e-c RENAULT 5 GT TURBO CUP V 0.5.1 by Franc_23 -FIXED NAME TU USE ONLINE(Thanks to @McNappa ) This version is still wip, I have changed with modern improvements for 3d model ... themodel will be replaced with a new one (the base will be built from scratch and thenmodified for each version) -This Version includes 27 skins 1024x1024 risolution (rfactor) someone wants to make skin contact me in private ... -added also templates for glass (for lateral writing, name) located in the skin folderwithout renaming (original texture same name) -added sticker front glass (rename template: and placed in skin folder) - Added template_car example (in skin folder rename: -modificato suspension, engine, power, and tires (hard only at the moment) and others,as required by version cup -added steer race and gauge... -any more.... -Texture 3d model and messages will be changed .... -auto in lod1 Other improvements are planned, but needs time .. LINK:!VMtDmDxS!nXLZArknWUU7qWIbKYf8IBuuBDWXpyPDfivPGMm-e-c HAVE A FUN fonte AC forum
  17. nuova versione 3.1 HD -> New update on the Road America originally converted from RFactor by Albert and Aspec

    rF2: Larrousse 92 beta by ASR

    In attesa della nuova versione 1.9 del mod completo dedicato alla stagione di Formula 1 1992, il team ASR Formula rilascia per rFactor 2 la release 1.9 RC della Venturi Larrousse. Per dettagli, download e commenti fate riferimento a questo topic del forum.
  19. Fonte. Based on the original Vairano for rFactor by Strava Credits Original creators: strava - modeling, texturing, scene strava - former modeling, organisation strava- texture PISTA - AI

    AC: RallyLegends Polo WRC e pista RX

    Dopo aver superato il necessario testing con l'ultima release 1.4 di Assetto Corsa, ecco arrivare dal team RallyLegends, per tutti gli appassionati di rally e rallycross, la nuova Volkswagen Polo WRC e lo spettacolare circuito rallycross (ovvero metà asfalto e metà sterrato) di Kouvola. Dettagli, download e commenti a questo link. VW Polo R WRC- Version 1.0 - ( No Damage - Tarmac/Asphalt Tyres and Setup) Version 1.0 VW Polo R WRC by Rallylegends Mod + New Rallycross Track "KOUVOLA" by ultranew_B; 1) - Included New Rallycross track "KOUVOLA" By ultranew_b + Base Template Added (.psd format ); 2) - Added Optional All Skinpack 2K (2048 X 2048 for Fast FPS during multiplayer)
  21. conversione della versione originale creata da com8 per rFactor DOWNLOAD
  22. The Automnotodrom Grobnik Rijeka lies on the Croatian coast, in the mountains above Rijeka city. Circuit runs in an anti-clockwise direction with a total distance of 4.17 kilometres (2.59 miles) which includes a series of long straights and fast left-right sweeping corners. Track it self is because of that very challenging to drive, specially in a cars with a low downforce. Although the circuit is approved by the FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motorcyclisme) and the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile), the focus is mainly on training, testing and particularly on concerts which perfectly fit with the beautiful surroundings. From 1978 to 1990 it hosted the Yugoslavian motorcycle Grand Prix races where ases like Roberts, Lawson, Rainey and other famous riders were winning. Author: Bojan Pintar (origianlly for rFactor) Converted: Mitja Bonca Track offers: - 24 pitboxes (same number of grids) and working pitlane - fully working AI (which passes each other) - trackmap - brake marks (skidmarks) - 3 cameras - it feels like you are there for real download
  23. Fonte. PIKES PEAK (USA) Download v0.7 Beta
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