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  1. An updated version 2.0 of Mills is now available! Changelog: Added Inner A Layout Implemented latest RealRoad shader Improved pitlane texture Applied RealRoad to curbs Remapped RealRoad Removed sausage curbs Improved curb texture New road and terrain texture set Implemented new terrain shader Vertex painted terrain for new terrain shader Remapped terrain for new terrain shader Terrain Radiosity pass Optimized road and terrain objects for smoother performance New painted stripes and pit lines texture set Enhanced painted
  2. The Automnotodrom Grobnik Rijeka lies on the Croatian coast, in the mountains above Rijeka city. Circuit runs in an anti-clockwise direction with a total distance of 4.17 kilometres (2.59 miles) which includes a series of long straights and fast left-right sweeping corners. Track it self is because of that very challenging to drive, specially in a cars with a low downforce. Although the circuit is approved by the FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motorcyclisme) and the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile), the focus is mainly on training, testing and particularly on concerts which p
  3. Fonte. PIKES PEAK (USA) Download v0.7 Beta
  4. Uff

    rF2: Monaco e Belgium aggiornati

    Il team ISI ha rilasciato un doppio aggiornamento per il suo rFactor 2: sono infatti disponibili le nuove versioni 2.0 dei circuiti storici del 1966 di Monaco e Belgium. Come vedete dagli screens di anteprima, Montecarlo e Spa non potevano essere più splendenti!
  5. This is by far the oldest track in rFactor 2, and being tailored to rFactor 1 technology, it was already showing it’s age the day rFactor 2 went public. It’s also had a bit of a torrid history, with vegetation sources lost in a hard drive crash. It wasn’t a track we were particularly keen on revisiting, but because it is such a popular venue for the historic fanbase, it really did deserve some polishing – minus those vegetation meshes of course. As usual with these v2.0 releases, we’ve cleaned it up and optimized it as much as possible, and implemented most of the latest technology. It may st
  6. Abandoning our historic content? Not likely! Now all three 1966 GP tracks have been given the spit and polish they deserve… Uninstall and delete your currently installed version, then either download the tracks below, or grab them directly in the rFactor 2 launcher packages icon! Both of these tracks, set in 1966, are an insane testament to the bravery and skill of GP drivers during the 1960’s. While both tracks use public roads, they couldn’t be more different! Monaco Update Info: Monte Carlo concludes the set of historic track content updates (Italy was updated recently as well). This i
  7. Mountain Peak Speedway v1.2 Now Available! Our Mountain Peak Speedway has been updated to version 1.2. This update brings in support for 43 cars on the oval configuration along with a small number of other fixes and tweaks. Download – 238MB Changelog: – New AIW – Added support for 43 cars – Other minor tweaks screens
  8. L'autore della pista OLDRing per rF1 torna al lavoro su di un nuovo progetto per rF2. Nel caso non aveste mai provato l'OLDRing, rimediate subito!
  9. Fonte. so smooth, almost perfect, and that's just one example. I also fixed the kerbs, they were way too aggressive, now you can actually use them + some texture upgrades. There still are some issues like the mountain on the right between turn 4 and 5 and some corners need more polys judging by the white lines but those are details that wont take much time so from here it's pretty much downhill meaning barriers and tire walls should be back like tomorrow and then the actual progress will begin. nuova beta 0.55
  10. conversione della versione originale creata da AdriánIzquierdo per rFactor (Fix for AC v1.2.2) - New AI file for stage. Stage should now work as before. Installation: Overwrite old ai folder. Located on ...content/tracks/montecarlostage3/ ----------------- Monte Carlo Stage 3 - v1.03 Download: (Please delete old Monte Carlo Stage 3 folder) ----------------- Download link for BMW M3 e30 studded tires: (Copy all textures to example folder.)
  11. Hello everyone! This is my attempt at recreating my hometown's track, one of Brazil's oldest race tracks. I've decided to start it from scratch since most of the existing versions of the track have several inaccuracies on the track layout, as well as to simply gain 3D modeling experience. This is a work-in-progress. The current version has the tentatively final track surface, with 35 pit boxes and grid slots. It's missing just detail at this point -- buildings in the infield, trackside advertising, etc. The track, for those not familiar with it, is fairly short (3038 meters long) with many ele
  12. DOWNLOAD v0.7 2012 layout of the TT Circuit Assen, The Netherlands. As raced on during track days. ​ V0.7 is out now! The video isn't that great, so just drive it yourself. Screenshots: V0.7 changelog: - Reworked a lot of textures and materials. Most of them are still a WIP - 3D grass - North loop layout added - Ideal lines added - Grooves - Fixed TV cameras - Added spectator cameras - Bumpier physics mesh - Fixed grid positions - Fixed i3 position - Added trackside objects (speakers, advertisment stands, light poles, entrance gates) - Loads of minor fixes (position of dirt paths
  13. Hi folks, Since its initial release, the Portugal International track had been plagued with unusually bad performance with heavy stuttering. We’ve looked at every object in-between track projects to optimize the place as much as possible, and gave it a face-lift while we were at it, incorporating the latest technology. In the end, it turned into quite a big project that needed this one final push to complete our planned task list. Had we released incremental improvements, this release would easily be worthy of carrying the v3.0 label instead — it’s that much of a change compared to the other
  14. Changelog: Implemented RealRoad Shader and reworked/remapped roads Added RealRoad to curbs Mapped RaceGroove for GP and GT Layouts Remapped access roads Remapped painted lines Smoothed out the excessive road bumps for the most part Lowered sawtooth curbs Remapped curbs and adjusted texture to match the sawtooth profile (has some small UV glitches) Cut Astroturf into terrain meshes Implemented new Terrain Shader and reworked/remapped terrain Cut in new gravel trap edges for use with Terrain Shader New road, curb and terrain texture set Terrain Radiosity pass Added grass verges Added high poly i
  15. Fonte. DOWNLOAD v3.4 Aosta V3.4 - Change log -Improved all cameras. -Remade all the luminosity track. -Add new shaders. -Improved the brightness on the mountain for custom weather users. -Remade some textures. -Added time attack mode. -Added ideal line. -Added "animated" peoples. -fixed time for Semi Oval Sport and Semi Oval Sport chicane. -Fixed white curbs surface friction.
  16. You can download v1.3 here (446MB). Track profile page here. IMS v1.3 Changelog (from v1.03): New additions – Added “Brickyard 400″ layout for Stock Cars – Added road (micro)bump for 2007 layout – Added road (micro)bump for 2013 layout – Added road (micro)bump for 2014 layout – Added 2007/2013 and 2014 curb texture variations – Added service pitlane fence posts for 400/500/2014 – Added Pit In cone for 400/Stock Cars – Added dashed line on pitlane for 400 and 500 layouts – Removed pitwall fences for 400/500/2014 layouts – Enhanced AIWs for Speedways — less extreme Block Path – Tweaked dashed
  17. Circuit de Catalunya, originary from Flo for Rfactor. Changes: -Moved some walls to acomodate 2014 layout -new textures for road, grass, -remodelled some kerbs for 2014 standard -Added new runoff areas, 2014 standards -plus some details. -added national layout. -working ai line -4 different track cameras. -working semaphore. This update brings both versions of the track to lastest updates, plus new Road Texture, and few tweaks here and there. This will be my last update since Kunos will make a Laser scan version, since then Enjoy. download
  18. Atlanta Motorsports Park disponibile This post has been promoted to an article
  19. Surfers Paradise 2004 made by NeelJ conversion by Rainmaker ​ This 3D-track was upgraded for gMotor2 by NeelJ and was converted and enhanced to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker. Original authors are Zero-g & IDT for F1 Challenge. Permission was granted by NeelJ. Thank you! Here are screens of the track: ​ Facts: 22 pit boxes 4.498 m long Features: -AI (pit and fast lane) -Cameras -Trackmap -Shadows for all objects -AC road shader -AC grass shader -AC "water" shader (high ksSpecularEXP value) -working pit lane -changed values for the lighting.ini -hot lapping function DOWNLOAD
  20. ​ Hi Assetto Corsa community! You may know my conversions for rFactor and GTR2. Now I want to start converting the most beautiful tracks from gMotor2 universe to the next level, to Assetto Corsa. Infos about the track: The Solituderennen, Solitudering or (in French circuit of Solitude) is a 11.4 km road circuit near Stuttgart, and named after the nearby Castle Solitude. Motor sports events were held from 1903 to 1965. Because of the narrow pathways, only motorcycle events were held until 1956. The track and stands were expanded in early 1957 and racing sports cars and racing have been organiz
  21. Fonte. Updated to .57 May 16 2015 Graphic updates. Fixed some things, broke some things Download Track
  22. Fonte. v0.8B!uZs2UT7K!dmAD76smdEG9mn_P_sLkmWIcbSV57wqVzT9-A3zZq1E Hi all, Time to show some progress on the scratch build track I've been working on for a couple of weeks, Thruxton - 'the UK's fastest circuit'. Building it with a combination of C4D, Sketchup (for initial terrain import), and Blender (mainly just for testing with Hagn's KN5 exporter). There is a lot of work to do yet but the track surface and surrounding area (and kerbs - every single one is different!) is getting there, but lots of mesh tidying and other stuff to model and texture. I chose this track b
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