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  1. Dopo gli alti e bassi degli ultimi 12 mesi di competizione, Mikail Hizal è riuscito ad alzare il trofeo per diventare il campione del mondo GT Sport a Monaco. Il prossimo mese Hizal andrà a Parigi per prendere i riconoscimenti insieme ai campioni del motorsport del mondo reale, tra cui Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso e Ott Tanak. Il pilota turco-tedesco ha messo in piedi una prestazione assolutamente impeccabile praticamente in tutti gli eventi. A parte qualche leggera difficoltà durante una battaglia sul circuito De La Sarthe, Hizal vince tutte le gare disputate. Anche se in seguito ha detto che ha commesso alcuni errori, è stato vicino alla perfezione come hanno potuto osservare gli spettatori dell'evento del World Tour. Il dominio di Hizal è iniziato fin dalle prime 12 qualificazioni. Di seguito i risultati delle quattro gare: Race 1: Autodromo Nazionale Monza/Gr.2 1st – Hizal – 18pt 2nd – Miyazono – 16pt 3rd – Beauvois – 13pt 4th – Latkovski – 12pt 5th – Blazsan – 11pt 6th – Mangano – 7pt 7th – Lopez – 6pt 8th – Maraglino – 6pt 9th – Solis – 6pt 10th – Rubilar – 5pt 11th – Wong – 5pt 12th – Derrouiche – 4pt Race 2: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps (Rain)/Super Formula 1st – Hizal – 30pt 2nd – Miyazono – 26pt 3rd – Beauvois – 21pt 4th – Blazsan – 18pt 5th – Latkovski – 18pt 6th – Lopez – 11pt 7th – Maraglino – 10pt 8th – Solis – 9pt 9th – Mangano – 8pt 10th – Rubilar – 7pt 11th – Wong – 5pt 12th – Derrouiche – 4pt Race 3: Circuit de la Sarthe (No Chicane)/Mazda LM55 Vision GT (Gr.1) 1st – Hizal – 42pt 2nd – Miyazono – 30pt 3rd – Latkovski – 28pt 4th – Beauvois – 27pt 5th – Lopez – 19pt 6th – Blazsan – 19pt 7th – Mangano – 13pt 8th – Solis – 12pt 9th – Derrouiche – 11pt 10th – Maraglino – 10pt 11th – Wong – 7pt 12th – Rubilar – 7pt Race 4: Autodromo de Interlagos/Red Bulls X2019 Competition 1st – Hizal – 66pt 2nd – Latkovski – 48pt 3rd – Miyazono – 42pt 4th – Beauvois – 41pt 5th – Blazsan – 35pt 6th – Lopez – 23pt 7th – Derrouiche – 21pt 8th – Maraglino – 16pt 9th – Wong – 15pt 10th – Mangano – 15pt 11th – Solis – 12pt 12th – Rubilar – 7pt Cosa ne pensate della prestazione di simdriver? Commentate nel topic dedicato.
  2. Uff

    rF2: Monaco e Belgium aggiornati

    Il team ISI ha rilasciato un doppio aggiornamento per il suo rFactor 2: sono infatti disponibili le nuove versioni 2.0 dei circuiti storici del 1966 di Monaco e Belgium. Come vedete dagli screens di anteprima, Montecarlo e Spa non potevano essere più splendenti!
  3. Abandoning our historic content? Not likely! Now all three 1966 GP tracks have been given the spit and polish they deserve… Uninstall and delete your currently installed version, then either download the tracks below, or grab them directly in the rFactor 2 launcher packages icon! Both of these tracks, set in 1966, are an insane testament to the bravery and skill of GP drivers during the 1960’s. While both tracks use public roads, they couldn’t be more different! Monaco Update Info: Monte Carlo concludes the set of historic track content updates (Italy was updated recently as well). This is the least friendly track in terms of optimization potential, due to its claustrophobic nature. On top of poor performance and massive stuttering on some systems, the old version was also plagued with countless popups in an attempt to limit the number of rendered polygons, and reduce the load on the hardware. After this optimization pass, both the popups and the stuttering are gone, while performance has remained equal or better, resulting in a much smoother and more consistent driving experience. Additionally, we’ve given each object, material and texture a quick polishing pass, and cleaned up the old art and its glitches as much as possible to bring our historic crown jewel up to modern spec. Download: 287MB News post: Changelog: Implemented latest RealRoad shader Optimized road and terrain objects for smoother performance Cleaned up and improved road texture set Made road textures tile better Improved road wet masks Improved trackedge and sidewalk specularity and wet mask Replaced textured stripes with physical ones Rebalanced painted stripes textures Implemented new terrain shader Vertex painted terrain for new terrain shader Remapped terrain for new terrain shader Fixed a few minor terrain gaps Fixed a few missing terrain shadows Optimized armco and other barrier objects for smoother performance Optimized fence textures and materials Enhanced stone walls normal maps Made tunnel a bit darker Improved sponsor logos Optimized billboard vegetation for better and smoother performance Applied subtle random vertex colours to vegetation Improved vegetation texture set Fixed transparent tree issue Reduced vegetation flickering Removed messy cubemap reflection property from building materials Optimized building materials Optimized building objects for better and smoother performance Fixed smoothing on buildings Cleaned up and improved building textures Optimized LOD and shadow distances on all objects for better performance Optimized grandstands Optimized crowds Slightly enhanced billboard crowd textures Slightly improved marshal textures Removed pitlane props to reduce the load in the busiest area Fixed various UV glitches Fixed dozens –if not hundreds– of object and shadow popups Cleaned up messy wet reflections Repopulated all reflection maps Tweaked fog values Optimized and cleaned up night lighting glitches Reverted MIP Map bias to default Updated TDF to latest set of values Set speed limit to 999 Defined more realistic movable object reactions Removed HDR Profiles Cleaned up, replaced and improved trackside cameras Replaced loading screen with new HD version Improved AIW Added Test Team RRBINs
  4. Alessandro Pollini

    [AC - Track]Monaco 1988

    File Name: Monaco 1988 File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini File Submitted: 08 Jul 2015 File Category: Track Author : DerDumeklemmer Monaco 1988 presented by ================================================= A conversion for Assetto Corsa by Team - derDumeklemmer The 1988 F1 Season was build from scratch by for rF by my old friend Carrera.4! who kindly gave me his blanket permisson to convert all his current and upcomming tracks. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS KIND OFFER! MY BIGGEST RESPECT FOR HIS AMAZING WORK! Team will take care to convert his great '88er tracks to Assetto Corssa one by one. CREDITS: ======== - Carrera.4 for his great '88er tracks - TheDoctor for TV-Cams have a lot of fun with this nice track, derDumeklemmer Click here to download this file
  5. Alessandro Pollini

    [AC - Track]Circuit de Monaco

    File Name: Circuit de Monaco File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini File Submitted: 19 Sep 2014 File Category: Track Converted: Mitja Bonca Originally made: WCP series Knows issues: AI is not working (some bugs in track that I cannot figure it out yet). Pits: 24 Circuit de Monaco is a street circuit laid out on the city streets of Monte Carlo around the harbor of the principality of Monaco. It is commonly referred to as "Monte Carlo" because it is largely inside the Monte Carlo neighborhood of Monaco. It is widely considered to be one of the most important and prestigious automobile races in the world, along side the Indianapolis 500, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The circuit has been called "an exceptional location of glamour and prestige. Click here to download this file
  6. Fonte. Current state of this track: rev_0.04a ----------------------------------------------~ - [FINAL!] Track surface. NEW! (0.04a) - [FINAL!] Hotlap start position. NEW! (0.04a) - [WIP] Sector Times positions NEW! (0.04a) - [WIP] Pitstop actor position. - [ALPHA!] Buildings position. NEW! (0.04a) - [WIP] Tunnel at portier sector. (removed) (0.04a) - [WIP] All Materials & Textures. (removed) (0.04a) - [WIP] Sun Lighting & position. ----------------~ It's a slowing work so stay tuned for more informations about the actual progress below! DOWNLOAD Actual Progress~ #Current progress of the track is at "alpha state" and the download for latest build of the project. With help of users jonnyboy_99 & wongas, now track has tons of buildings at their positions and more will come eventually~ I've started with the railing or guard rails around the whole track and place the tunel to see how AC handle lights through it. Note: Guardrails could be a little problematic ATM, and I'll not guarantee the right function of it, so we'll need to wait for official docs and tools to get better results. It's a slowing work so stay tuned for more informations about the actual progress below!

    GP Monaco: gran pole di Rosberg

    Nico Rosberg su Mercedes partirà in pole position nel Gp di Monaco, sesta prova del mondiale di formula uno in programma domenica sul circuito di Montecarlo. Il pilota tedesco, che era stato il più veloce nelle tre sessioni di prove libere, è stato il più veloce anche nelle qualifiche girando in 1'13''876. Alle sue spalle, in prima fila, il compagno di squadra Lewis Hamilton, secondo con il crono di 1'13"967. In seconda fila le Red Bull di Sebastian Vettel (1'13"980) e Mark Webber (1'14"181). Sesto tempo e terza fila per la Ferrari di Fernando Alonso (1'14"824) preceduto dalla Lotus di Kimi Raikkonen (1'14"822). L'altra Ferrari, quella del brasiliano Felipe Massa, partirà dall'ultima posizione non avendo disputato le qualifiche in seguito ad incidenti durante la terza sessione di prove libere. Tutti i dettagli su Stop&Go, commenti sul forum dedicato.
  8. Fonte. Non si sa bene da dove arrivi. Nel caso qualcuno riconosca che è una conversione senza permessi o da altri titoli (ad esempio F1 di Codemasters) lo dica pure, così togliamo i link.
  9. World Class Racing 1960′s realizzata dagli ISI. Nessuna novità rispetto a quella già rilasciata, il topic serve solo come riferimento da linkare in quello riassuntivo. 1960′s World Class Racing: v1.0 or Torrent or Mirrors: R2P | SSY | XRPM | AG – 716MB v1.1 or Torrent or Mirrors: R2P | SSY | XRPM – 175MB
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