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[AC] AC Need for Speed Tournament Class A Mod


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AC Need for Speed Tournament Class A Mod

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3D models created by Alberto Daniel Russo
Physics by Jason Coates
Sound samples from official Kunos cars

Click here if you'd like to donate something for my work:

  • This pack includes both cars and race grid templates to be used in Content Manager for each car, so it loads the same opponents from the original game.
  • Both cars can be found together under it's own brand, it's called "NFS Tournament Class A".
  • The rear wing on the Diablo can be turned on and off from the Aero tab in the setup options


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ciao Velo ho scaricato il mod in oggetto ma non trovo le istruzioni per installarlo in ac 

potrersti gentilmente darmi delle indicazioni a riguardo?

grazie in anticipo

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