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iRacing: ancora novità "dirt" nella build di Settembre


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Con il promo trailer che vedete qui sotto, il team di iRacing ci presenta 2 delle novità che saranno disponibili con la build di settembre del simulatore americano: si tratta della nuova "macchinina" da dirt di classe UMP Modified e del nuovo ovale sterrato di Lanier National Speedway.

Introducing the DIRTcar UMP Modified AND Lanier National Speedway's dirt track - coming to iRacing next month. Lanier National Speedway - originally built as a dirt track from 1982-1987 - will be iRacing's first 3/8 mile dirt track. The track is FREE for all our members.


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Introducing the Ferrari 488 GT3 - to be featured in our Blancpain Sprint and Endurance Series as well as the IMSA Online SportsCar Championship. Coming next month!


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Il team di iRacing ha rilasciato la nuova build Season 4 2017 del simulatore americano. Questa volta si tratta di un update realmente molto ricco di novità ed interessante: troviamo infatti la nuova "macchinina" da dirt di classe UMP Modified, l'ovale sterrato di Lanier National Speedway, la splendida Ferrari 488 GT3, l'implementazione ulteriore della modalità time attack e persino il nuovo tracciato di Snetterton!

Release Notes for 2017 Season 4 [2017.09.05.01] 
This season release features a wide array of new content including a pair of cars, a pair of tracks, and a hearty dose of updates all around. 
Some highlights include: 
• Dirt U.M.P. Modified 
• Ferrari 488 GT3 
• Lanier National Speedway (Dirt config) 
• Snetterton Circuit 
• Race Sessions can now include up to six different vehicles 
• Fixed a significant Dynamic Track update issue occuring after Lone Qualifying 
• Dirt Track Initialization v2.0 
• Improvements to the event-based audio system 
• An update to the New iRacing UI Preview and Time Attack 

This season’s build features two new cars, a new dirt track and a road course. We are also introducing Fixed Setup Time Attack Series, and have introduced multiple updates to the new User Interface based on member feedback, as well as an update to starting states of dirt tracks in hosted sessions.

The Ferrari 488 GT3 car is now available for purchase. This car will be added to the IMSA series as well as the Blancpain Sprint and Blancpain Endurance series for season 4. We have also completed the long awaited Snetterton Circuit – this track includes three configurations and will be incorporated into many of the road racing series this season. On the dirt oval side of things the UMP Modified is available for purchase now along with a dirt version of Lanier National Speedway. This dirt track is available to all members, free of charge.

After a successful preview of time attack last season we are going full throttle with our time attack offerings. We have added some fixed setup TA series and mixed up the number of tracks as well – some have only one track while others have up to four. Should be something for everyone to enjoy. We will be including three featured TA series that will pay out real cash prizes to the winners!

The featured series are as follows:


Xfinity Cars FIXED SETUP

410 Sprint Car - 4 Tracks

Prizes for the three featured TA series:

First Place: $1,000 U.S. cash

Second Place: $500 in iRacing credits

Third Place: $250 in iRacing credits

Plus three random selections for participants who complete the full Time Attack (all tracks) receive $100 in credits each for each of the three featured series. All of the Time Attack series, including the Featured Series mentioned above, kick off in Week 1 of Season 4.






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