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Nordschleife by Snoopy

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Original makers:

*Com8* - modeling, texturing, scene

Nor, G99 - former modeling, organisation

6e66o - textures

Thorsten Rueter - Cam's

Misan - AIW, Cam's

Tobi - website, board

Many thanks to the guys on this forum:

Tmanning47- Conversion

Stereo- Conversion fixes

Qwaribo-brute force json editing

Flashcrow-AI fastlane

never_eat_yellow_snow1-overlay map

The_Doctor and-trackside cameras





  • copy the entire folder called "nord_snoopy_0.5.0" to: X:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks and paste it


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Non è affatto male ma a me piacerebbe la possibilità di entrare e far partire il tempo se si esce dal casello di destra come in altri titoli.

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