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Game Stock Car 2013 v1.1


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Official GSC2013 release coming up in the next few hours - those who already have v1.00 installed can access links and instructions to update to v1.10 in the thread below.



Full installers will follow up shortly along with the new GSC2013 website. Those with v1.00 have a couple of hours in advance to update to v1.10.
If you already have GSC2013 v1.00 installed, you may update to version 1.10 by downloading the package below and extracting the contents to your GSC2013 folder, overwriting the files when prompted:
GSC2013 v1.10
GSC2013 v1.10 (mirror)

As an alternative, download the new GSC Sync tool below and extract to your GSC2013 folder. Run the tool to update your install to v1.10 automatically (requires NET Framework 3.5):
GSC Sync

*GSC Sync is included with GSC2013 v1.10 – you may run it to update or syncronize your game to the latest version whenever you need.

V1.10 Main Changelog:
- Added GSC Sync tool for a simplified auto-update proceduresfor future developments of the game;
- Corrected bug that could prompt "Fingerprint Mismatch";
- Corrected bug that prevented some 3rd party plugins from functioning properly;
- Corrected minor UI bugs;

- Corrected onboard cameras for various cars;
- Corrected Copersucar .gen bug which could cause online mismatches;
- Corrected skinning / naming / numbering bugs in various cars;

- Fixed various animated flag issues;
- Tweaked AI for several kart layouts;
- Various Track Camera tweaks
- Increased car capacity to 34 at Cordoba and Taruma

- Minor inertia and tyre adjustments.

- Reduced engine speed heating to correct engine overheating too quickly;
- Significant tyre adjustments to both soft and medium compounds, both in terms of handling (basically giving the tires more front bite) and wear / heating (about 0.5s in laptimes between the two, with the mediums lasting roughly 20% more). Inertia values also adjusted;

- Minor inertia and tyre adjustments;
- Added a qualifying tyre compound, good for a single Senna-style qualifying lap only, roughly 1.5s faster than the regular race tires but it needs to be properly managed. Push too hard on the outlap and it will be off before you finish the flying lap.

- Minor inertia and tyre adjustments.

- Reduced engine speed heating to correct engine overheating too quickly;
- Minor inertia and tyre adjustments.

Camaro SS
- Minor inertia and tyre adjustments.

- Minor inertia and tyre adjustments.

- Minor inertia and tyre adjustments;
- Adjusted height and wheel graphical offsets to make the car´s height and attitude a little more accurate - does add some clipping of the front wheels to the fenders a high steer angles however. These don´t affect handling.

- Tyres substantially revamped for v1.00, handling and FFB much improved.

- Improved internal sounds for Formula Retro;
- Various adjustments to kart, Opala & StockV8 sounds.

After the heavy weights from Formula Truck 2013, we have a drastic scale reduction for one of the new features in GSC2013 - karting!


Granja Viana kart track - one of the main brazilian karting venues #GSC2013


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  • 3 weeks later...

Game Stock Car 2013 on the way!
The new version of the acclaimed Game Stock Car will be released by the end of September.
GSC2013 will include all the cars and tracks content from GSC2012 developed with new improvements, along with a variety of new cars and tracks with their own unique appeal to the enthusiast simracer.
Today and on the next few days we wil release further details about these new features included in Game Stock Car 2013.
The game will se for US$ 24.90 and it will be soon available for pre-order along with a special promotion. Stay tuned!


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With GSC2013, you race from dusk to dawn and also at night!
A new feature in GSC2013 is 24h time cycle - all tracks are equipped with their actual night lightning. Customize the race starting time and time acceleration to run whenever you wish.


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Game Stock Car 2013 - karting done right!

Karting is considered even by the most reputed racing drivers as the most exciting racing style there is, and in GSC2013 you will learn why!

On initial release, GSC2013 will include a module for 125cc karts, in direct and shifter variants. It will also include two temples of brazilian karting - Granja Viana and Interlagos, with several alternative layouts.


Game Stock Car 2013 celebrates a great brazilian adventure!

The Copersucar-Fittipaldi FD04 was the first car driven by Emerson Fittipaldi in the team that carried his name. On his first race at Interlagos 1976 he took this car to fifth place on the grid.


Feel the "rush" of adrenaline by reliving this great moment on GSC2013, in what promises to be one of the best sim-racing experiences you will ever have.

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With GSC2013, the fun is on the limit!
The highly regarded formula cars from GSC2012 have been extensively revamped for an even more realistic driving experience.


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Game Stock Car 2013, going back to the origins!
In GSC2013, a great brazilian classic is back in action, and on its natural habitat - Opala Stock Car, the first car used in the early years of the series, on the glorious 70s Interlagos track.


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Ma nell'immagine della Fittipaldi Copersucar si vedono anche una Brabham ed un'altra che in questo momento non riconosco (pensavo un'Ensign, ma non era proprio così).... non è che ci fanno una sorpresa ed oltre alla Fittipaldi.... :jump:

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