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vi segnalo che da fine settembre sono disponibili i nuovi driver aggiornati

un primo trailer


Thrustmaster T500 RS Info

The T500 RS is a real driving simulator, combining power and precision. Thrustmaster has drawn from more than 20 years of expertise in racing wheels, with a single goal: to develop a wheel and pedal set that allows users to go as far as possible in the GT5 experience. The designers have taken into account the expectations of the most demanding gamers, while also adhering to the technical choices of the developers of this new opus in the benchmark car racing series. The T500 RS’s dual official GT5 and PlayStation® licenses are the result of this unique positioning, as Kazunori Yamauchi, CEO of Polyphony Digital and Senior Vice President of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., explains: “The goal that I set for the Thrustmaster team was to design for me the most precise wheel ever developed, without any latency – to accurately reproduce the sensations of GT5, and let users truly feel the emotions experienced by drivers on real racing circuits.”

An infinite number of driving styles

Completely optimized for GT5, the T500 RS meets the demand for absolute realism. The first thing users will notice when setting it up is its weight: 4.6kg for the wheel, and 7.3kg for the pedal set. Another instantly visible feature is the omnipresent use of metal – for the gearshift levers, the wheel’s central spokes section (30cm in diameter) and the pedal set. This has required a mechanical design with no compromises.
Ergonomics was at the heart of the wheel’s development, with an eye on optimizing gameplay, performance and driving sensations. The sequential gearlevers mounted on the base feature large 17cm levers that are constantly accessible without letting go of the wheel. The wheel itself offers a remarkable 1080° rotation. These 3 full turns are also adjustable, thanks to a motorized stop, allowing the gamer choose the maximum degree of rotation according to the type of racing circuit and the car being driven. The spacing and height of the 100% metal pedal set is also fully adjustable and accommodate individual driving preferences by offering 2 positions: “floor-mounted” F1 style, or “suspended” GT style. The brake pedal has been given extra attention, with reinforced and adjustable resistance that lets users perfectly tailor their braking with near surgical precision, and which includes a removable mod. A textured foot rest, also crafted entirely of metal, completes the pedal set. Gamers will notice that having 3 pedals at their disposal not only enhances the level of realism, but it also gives them a taste of what’s to come with the addition of an independent gear stick, which will also be available from.

The T500 RS will be available from January 5 in North America and Europe and from January 25 in Japan, at a suggested retail price of $599.99 / £449.99 / €499.99

•Realistic steering wheel
•30cm in diameter with brushed metal radio stations.
•Authentic levers sequential gearbox polished metal.

Force Feedback:
•HallEffect Accurate Technology system (H.E.A.R.T)
•Resolution of 16 bits (65,536 values on the steering)
•Industrial motor force feedback (150 mNm torque, 3000 rpm, 65 W, 52mm)
•Powerful Force Feedback rapid responset
•Plug motor drive
•Mechanisms with large double straps
•Adjustable angle of rotation up to 1080º (3 full turns)

•With 2 locations to choose from (mounted: F1 or suspended: GT)
•Metal pedals, high stability and resistance
•Weight 7 Kg approximately
•3 adjustable pedals both in space and height
•Brake pedal and adjustable enhanced resistance
•Textured metal footrest grid



671321794584387485667y7.th.jpg 164870179450375416039ia.th.jpg 157054179748295386247zx.th.jpg

Questo messaggio � stato promosso ad articolo

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miiiii, non me lo aspettavo dalla Thrustmaster, be i numeri e le foto sono molto promettenti, i pedali poi sono fighissimi! Tra Logitech e Fanatech ci godr

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