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  1. Fonte. Happy to announce the arrival of " ROC " Race of Champions in Wembley Stadium ​ "Race "super special " between two drivers on two parallel tracks, which form a continuous circuit. Both drivers and travel the same distance in the same places , but not at the same times . In a duel , the winner is the one who homered via the two tracks , as soon as possible ." This version is a version of Alex , Com8 based on rFactor . He has allowed us to convert its track on assetto corsa . Details: - 4 pit stands - 4 start if you want - Ai lane - No tracks camera for the moment (if you want to help
  2. Fonte. After the NSX is finalized, I'm going to port my Corvette C6 models to AC as well. David will provide the physics, and I think we need sounds (sound guy?). There will be 4 variants: Coupe, Grand Sport, Z06 and ZR1. I'm not quite sure yet about the model years of each variant. All cars have 2009 year interior. The Coupe has 2005 wheels though.
  3. Renault Clio V6 255 v0.4 Model and Sounds by B375 from rFactor Conversion and Physics totally redone by AzN_devil from real life measurements Sounds and Shaders and UV mapping could use more work but it's in a good enough state to release for now. Renault Clio V6 255 PH2 Chassis: CB1U Engine: L7X 762 Cubic Capacity(cc): 2946 Gearbox: PK6-017
  4. Monza 1988 a carrera4 presented by ===================================================== This 3D-track was made by carrera4 for the F1 1988 rFactor mod. It was converted and enhanced to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker and members of The conversion of the 1988s tracks is a project of your friendly AC-Server. Facts: 21 pit boxes 5.800 meters long Features: -AI (pit and fast lane) -Cameras -Trackmap -Shadows for all objects -working pit lane -a skybox -newest values for the lighting.ini -hot lapping function Known
  5. Authorized Conversion Original Creator motorfx Converted to Assetto Corsa by: Tiago Lima Fully Functional track 20 Pit boxes Ai and cameras by FlashCrow Track Map by Alex72 DOWNLOAD
  6. Hockenheim 1988 Version Null-Drei-Neutel for Assetto Corsa by Team - derDumeklemmer ======================================== The 1988 F1 Season was build from scratch by for rF by my old friend Carrera.4! MY BIGGEST RESPECT FOR THIS AMAZING WORK! He gave me blanket permission to convert his amazing work to all current and upcoming SIMs. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS KIND OFFER! So Team will take care to convert his great '88er tracks to Assetto Corssa one by one. FEATURES: ========= - 36 Pit places - pit limiter - MP pit stops - Collision objects (moveable s

    rF2: F1 1992 v1.8 by F1ASR

    Con una piacevole sorpresa, il team ASR Formula ci presenta la nuova versione 1.8 beta del suo ottimo Formula 1 1992 Season Mod. To encourage the community who have appreciated our first version of rFactor 2 '92 Mod 1.7 LE, we decided to improve it and, although not matching the standard of our recent works, we think that this new version can easily substitute what for us was the first experiment of rFactor 2 platform, but that was also used by major community. Go to ASR Formula Website to download and test rF2 Full 92 Season by ASR FORMULA (Version 1.8Beta).
  8. Based on the original Arese for rFactor by Relesys Alfa Romeo test track adjacent the factory in Arese. After the closure of production facilities, the track - still in good condition - has been abandoned and misused by some private, has now been rendered unusable by mounting the guard rail blocking the track. Credits Conversion for AC & texture update: thestrobe8 aka s_denis Original creators: Track Modeling, Texturing,Organisation,Scene - By: Relesys
  9. Based on the original Putnam Park for rFactor by Global Motorsport Technologies DOWNLOAD v1.2 The facility hosts racing schools, track days, time trials and test days for teams from all forms of motorsport. he National Auto Sport Association spent two weekends there in 2007. It is a popular destination for Corvette and Viper clubs, BMW and Porsche clubs. Champ Car, ALMS and Formula BMW teams are among those who have used the track for testing. It also can be considered something of the "home" track for Diasio owners ... Putnam Park was designed by Diasio Car Company owner Richard Diasio in 1
  10. Ok here it is, first beta version of my track project: Yas Marina Circuit (Day & Night) Track is conversion/based on scratch made rFactor track by the league F1Pro (simracingpro) - Nad, Forlorn, Kamilo62 and Gucio 85. Thanks Nad for permission and Gucio85 for helping me to contact Nad. Track contains 22 pitboxes, working ai and many graphical changes. I also included my own Night pp filter to package. Optimal time of day for night version is 12:00. Next update will come in early 2015, but if there is any big bugs i try to fix them soon as possible. Remember that both tracks are still very
  11. Imola 1988 made by carrera4 conversion by ​ This 3D-track was made by carrera4 for the F1 1988 rFactor mod. It was converted and enhanced to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker and members of The conversion of the 1988s tracks is a project of your friendly AC-Server. Please note that this track and others are in development which takes so much time, that it is impossible to watch every question in every thread and forum. WIP screens of the track: ​ Facts: (not set yet) pit boxes 3.636meters long Features: -AI (pit and fast lane) -Camer
  12. by S_Denis Based on the original Jerez 1994 for rFactor by F1-S-R track: Credits Conversion for AC & texture update: thestrobe8 aka S_Denis Original creators: F1-S-R - modeling, texturing, scene F1-S-R - former modeling, organisation F1-S-R - texture fonte AC forum
  13. Based on the original Matra Park for rFactor by Andras Csepecz Credits Original creators: ----------Matra Park---------- Matra Park logo made by Gergo Truckeszitz Track information: Lenght: 2,342 m Type: Permanent Circuit Conversion for AC & texture update: thestrobe8 aka S_Denis track:
  14. CART Factor We are in the process of bringing the previously well known "CART Factor" mod to rFactor 2! Cars included: Reynard 98i Swift 009.c Penske PC27-98 Lola T98/00 The majority of the porting, 3D model updates, and animation work is being handled by pay2021 This mod is based on Racing Line Developments' "CART Factor" (thank you for granting us permission to bring these beautiful cars to RF2!) RF2 Preview Screenshots: Your RF1 custom liveries will work in RF2 Dann Murillo, admin fonte rF2 forum
  15. Fonte. The car is a 1970 VW Käfer "Beetle" 1302 S 1.6L 50bhp RRWD. The Model was made by NightEye for a "Less than 5k tris contest" many years ago (bare that in mind), it is not quite up to AC standards, (with full permissions) it has been adjusted by me to make it usable, I have made new wheels and tyre models, done all the physics, speedo and fuel gauge ect ect. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to state them, I have never driven a Beetle, only watched them so physics and stuff is not accurate, just the best I can do for now. Bugs: Sound, Using fmod Driver view may need adjusting W
  16. Hi i make a hillclimb that i worked for RFACTOR and RBR sims this is the hillclimb Thanks to Kon, SIMTRAXXX team, Vicent Sollana and Antu for their help this is a beta version v0.5 DOWNLOAD fonte AC forum
  17. Fonte. Nuova versione beta 0.6 DOWNLOAD Changelog: BETA V.0.6: – 3D Grass available (No-Grass version for low specs) – 25 Pits – Track TV Cameras
  18. Original track from Slimjim Update: Improved Tarmac Improved Grass Improved colour overall New Barrier cam No fps improvement no map Download
  19. Hi all! I started 1992 Spa Francorchamps track project two months ago, in beginning only for testing and learning purposes, but after some days of work i decided to continue and continue and now i want release it to public when it's ready. Don't expect soon, because a lot of work is still needed.. Track is based/conversion from F1-S-R 1992 rFactor track, i got permission from them.. I have already made big changes to track and i will continue to improve it. Atm track contains 18 pitboxes, real tv cams, new pitbuilding and a lot of new textures and smoothing to track surface etc. Here is two W
  20. Il team ISI, dopo il rilascio dell'ultima build 860, non riposa certamente sugli allori: ecco quindi che ci mostra oggi un primo video di anteprima del nuovo circuito di São Paulo (v0.80), attualmente in fase di sviluppo. Tim: We have a new content preview video, this time it is Sao Paulo. This content was produced in collaboration with Reiza, who provided the base model. Our guys took to converting it and two weeks later asked me to preview it. versione aggiornata 1.01
  21. Adria International Raceway is a motorsportrace track near Adria in the Veneto region of Northern Italy. It is a permanent road course, and is 2.702 km (1.679 mi) in length. The venue has hosted the FIA GT Championship, Italian Formula Three, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters and the Formula Three Euroseries. Converted to AC: Mitja Bonca Originally created: Slider916 and CodeF1 Working AI 22 pit boxes DOWNLOAD
  22. Hey, been working on this track on and off for the last few weeks learning the different material settings. It isn't perfect as there isn't enough info about at the mo and examples but non the less this track was created around 5 years ago for Rfactor and it went Hall of Fame so I thought it would be a good choice. I have done a fair few updates to try and modernize the model. It could do with some more but hopefully you will enjoy it for what it is. DOWNLOAD Cheers Madcowie fonte AC forum
  23. Fonte. Top Gear Test Track add in \steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks Deleted OLD version ! Download v0.6 -->> ----BUG FOR TREES---(no transparency)
  24. Fonte. Mission Raceway Park also known as MRP, is an auto racing facility located in Mission, British Columbia, Canada. The facility features a ¼ mile NHRA-sanctioned dragstrip, a 2 km (1.2 mi) 9-turn roud course, and a 3 km (2 mi) motocross track. It is owned and operated by the B.C. Custom Car Association, and the BCCCA operates the drag strip directly. The road course and motocross tracks are operated independently by the Sports Car Club of British Columbia (SCCBC) and the Lower Mainland Motocross Club (LMMC) respectively. The BCCCA originally drag raced on unused runways at Abbostf
  25. DOWNLOAD Based on the original Spa Francorchamps1992 for rFactor by F1-S-R Credits Original creators: F1-S-R - modeling, texturing, scene F1-S-R - former modeling, organisation F1-S-R - texture
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