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Simracing: limiti e vantaggi

Uno speciale dedicato al mondo della simulazione

Analizziamo limiti e vantaggi per piloti e appassionati! 😉

Speciale simracing

WRC 10 provato!

Prosegue l'evoluzione partita da WRC 8 e 9 ?

Scopritelo con la nostra anteprima...

WRC 10

  • Raceroom Racing Experience diventa completamente gratuito per un periodo limitato

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    Stiamo vivendo un periodo difficile a causa del Coronavirus, con vari eventi sportivi e non posticipati a data da destinarsi. Per noi amanti del motorsport è stato un duro colpo vedere così tanti campionati a rischio, F1 e MotoGP in testa, ma fortunatamente ci pensa il simracing a tirarci su di morale.

    Se da un lato piloti reali e top simracers si sono uniti per gareggiare e darci spettacolo anche gli sviluppatori non vogliono stare con le mani in mano. E' il caso di Sector3 che ha deciso di rendere completamente gratuiti tutti i contenuti del simulatore Raceroom Racing Experience a partire da oggi per un minimo di 5 giorni.

    Da non perdere anche la gara che si terrà sabato su Raceroom che vedrà piloti reali e personalità del simracing scontrarsi.

    Se avevate intenzione di provare Raceroom questo è il momento per farlo



    COVID-19 - RaceRoom temporarily goes 100% free

    Hello everyone,

    In these difficult times of quarantine and lockdowns, it's very important that we take care of each other. As a racing game providing entertainment, we thought temporarily opening the gates and letting you all enjoy the RaceRoom content without worrying about the next paycheck was the best we could do. Starting now and for a minimum of five days, all the content in RaceRoom is freely accessible.

    In addition to that, we are throwing a #RaceFromHome event this saturday, with all kinds of motorsport and simracing personalities. It will be streamed on Youtube and you can already set a reminder here ->
    Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for regular updates on the confirmed participants!

    Later today, around 20.00 CET, RaceRoom devs from Sector3 Studios, including yours truly, will be hanging out on the RaceRoom Discord to chat and race on the ranked servers. See you all tonight!

    Please take care of your loved ones as well as vulnerable people around you. You may very well have elderly neighbours scared of going outside from what they see on the news. Please take precautions to not spread the disease to them when reaching out.

    While you are not using it, your computer can also help make a difference: please make sure to check out Folding@Home ( https://foldingathome.org/ ). It is a distributed computing project simulating protein dynamics, which helps scientists figure out new ways of curing diseases. They have recently dedicated resources to covid-19.

    See you on track, and most importantly, stay safe, everyone!

    J-F Chardon



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