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Quanto conta il setup?

Scopriamo quanto conta davvero un assetto auto ideale e come influisce su vettura e pilota.
Il setup nel simracing

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    DiRT 4: parliamo di voci...

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    Dopo l'update per DiRT Rally che, fra le altre cose, introduce il supporto per il visore PlayStation VR e l'annuncio della novità DiRT 4, la Codemasters ritorna ad aggiornarci tramite il suo blog sui lavori in corso attualmente. Partiamo dall'interessante intervista fatta al Dialogue Producer, Olly Johnson, che si occupa appunto dei dialoghi in game, inclusa la voce del navigatore, eccovene un estratto:

    When it comes to DiRT 4, how do you go about getting the most authentic representation of each discipline?
    First thing is the casting process. We knew we wanted Nicky Grist back, and Neil Cole as our RX Spotter is still great. We’ve taken on board over the years that the “dude-bro” voiceover grates and puts a lot of people off; we will never avoid having US voices, but the tone and the script is much more in tune with a more realistic interpretation of the more extreme sports. We have Jen Horsey back from Dirt 3, so you will be able to have her as you co-driver if you want, and for the most extreme mode, Landrush, our spotter sounds more like John Goodman than Bill & Ted. He’s the calm voice in the storm. Landrush is so much fun by the way.

    Passiamo poi all'intervista di Jen Horsey, ovvero colei che presta appunto la sua voce a quella del copilota virtuale ed ascolteremo nella nuova modalità DirtFish Rally School presente in DiRT 4:

    DirtFish Rally School features in the new game, DiRT 4 – why’s it such a good place to learn how to drive?
    Rally driving is a unique skill: you’re dealing with a whole bunch of variables in a rally scenario that you wouldn’t find at a race track. For one thing, we race in every kind of weather and on every imaginable surface. We also put a lot of value on the teamwork between driver and co-driver. And those are skills that are best learned in a closed environment that safely simulates real-world conditions and is unpredictable, in one sense, but also creates repeatable scenarios so you can learn and develop your abilities. That’s what DirtFish is and it’s a fantastic rally playground.

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