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RENNSPORT: il nuovo titolo che vuole rivoluzionare simracing ed esport


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Get ready to race on one of the most iconic tracks in the world! Road Atlanta is coming to RENNSPORT, and it's going to be epic!

This new track features everything you love about RENNSPORT: challenging corners, high-speed straights, and stunning scenery. But Road Atlanta is also known for its unique challenges, like the Esses and Turn 10A. Will you be able to master this legendary track and set the fastest lap times?


If you haven't signed up to our waitlist yet, make sure to do so to get a chance to receive a key with the next drop: https://rennsport.gg/beta


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E' disponibile da qualche ora la nuova versione closed beta 1.6 di RENNSPORT. La release porta con sè i nuovi circuiti di Road Atlanta e Daytona, la partenza lanciata, miglioramenti vari all'handling ed alla fisica (al momento non meglio specificati) e due nuove vetture di classe TCR, ovvero la Hyundai Elantra N e l'Audi RS3 LMS.

Per ulteriori dettagli e per inviare la propria candidatura per partecipare alla fase beta, dirigetevi sul sito ufficiale. Proprio oggi sono state inviate altre 15mila nuove chiavi di accesso alla closed beta del software. Per commenti e supporto fate riferimento al forum dedicato in italiano.

Get ready for the biggest RENNSPORT update yet! BETA 1.6.0 is packed with new features and content, including two new tracks, rolling starts, improvements to handling & physics and a brand-new class: TCR!


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Experience the thrill of racing through the heart of Singapore in RENNSPORT! Orchard Road is the first community-featured street circuit in the game & we're incredibly excited to share it with you, and we hope you enjoy racing through this iconic Singapore landmark


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