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Automobilista 2 - Official Thread

Alfred ita

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Automobilista 2 V1.4.6.1 is now available - the new update adds Bathurst Historic 1983 to the Historic Track Pack Pt1 DLC and introduces the new Formula Inter series free for all owners of the base game, along with several improvements and bug fixes.



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We are just adding finishing touches to our upcoming AMS2 update, which will feature a project our track team has been working on for two years - the legendary Nürburgring, as it was back in 1971. Check out the first previews of the historic Green Hell!





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Nurburgring 1971 has been available for AMS2 as a Release Candidate since Saturday, and will be wrapped for official release very soon. Here are some fresh previews featuring winter, fall & spring foliage!

342932740_173786515226193_8267315202336178935_n (1).jpg




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The wait is finally over - Automobilista 2 V1.4.7 has been officially released, and with it our track team´s magnum opus following two years of hard work - the legendary Nürburgring, as it was in 1971, featuring the Südschleife ("South Loop"), Nordschleife ("North Loop") and Gesamtstrecke ("Whole Course") in an incredibly detailed and faithful recreation of this glorious race track.

Nürburgring Historic 1971 has been added to the previously released Nürburgring DLC already featuring the modern Nordschleife and Grand Prix layouts - users who already own that DLC or packs that include it are all set to enjoy one of the most thrilling experiences ever created in a racing sim.


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Automobilista 2 V1.4.8.0 Release Candidate


A new release candidate build of Automobilista 2 is now available as a Steam beta branch for those interested in testing the new update before its official release in the coming days.
AMS2 users can now select the latest release candidate, currently V1.4.7.0 build 2297 - to access this build, right-click Automobilista 2 on your Steam Library, go into Properties -> Beta tab, and select the “ReleaseCandidate” branch for the dropdown menu.

As per the latest dev update, V1.4.8 includes extensive physics revisions to an initial batch of car classes, revisions which are expected to be completed for all cars in the game by the update that follows this one 4-5 weeks from now (v1.5.0).

IMPORTANT: all revised cars MUST have the setup reset - users can do so either by resetting each model individually from their setup menu, or for all cars by deleting your local Documents\Automobilista 2\savegame\123456789\automobilista 2\vehiclesetups folder (please note however this would also delete your existing setups from currently unrevised cars that don´t require the reset yet).

The AI dry performance is supposed to be well calibrated to the player performance for all classes already revised - if you still notice any discrepancies please report the car / track combo along with eventual specific details. Wet weather is still not fully calibrated, with some classes still needing further adjustments both to player tire as well as wet calibration - this we expect to cover in time for official release.


Formula Retro Gen1 (all models)
Formula Retro Gen2 (all models)
Formula Retro Gen3 (all models)
Formula Classic Gen1 (all models)
Formula Classic Gen2 (all models)
Formula Classic Gen3 (all models)
Formula Classic Gen4 (all models)
Formula Inter
Formula USA 2023
Formula Ultimate Gen2
Formula Junior
P1 (all models)


Formula USA Gen1 (all models)
Formula USA Gen2 (all models)
Formula USA Gen3 (all models)

Everything else.

Please not that even classes already completely revised will remain subject to further minor adjustments all the way to v1.5 release.

V1.4.7.2 -> V1.4.8.0 CHANGELOG




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Automobilista 2 V1.4.8.1 is now officially released! The update introduces Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya as a new DLC, the F-USA '23 as part of Racin' USA Pt3 and all packages that include it, as well as the F-Junior, a super-fun car free for all owners of the base game.

The update also brings completely overhauled v1.5 physics to an initial selection of classes. More info in the complete changelog here:

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So, Le Mans When?

Many of you already picked up on the big news in our latest dev update and are wondering about release prospects, so here is what we can share for now:

The Modern day Le Mans modelling is in progress with the aid of laser scan data, and we expect to have it ready towards the end of 2023. Along with it, we will also release a pack with new prototypes and GTs that raced there this year - track and cars will be separate DLCs.

We'll expand on our Le Mans adventure in 2024, with packs featuring historial versions from the 70s and 90s in the plans and appropriate car packs for each of them.

We will keep you posted as we get more news to share on both sides of the project!

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Clip demonstrating the tire carcass of a F-Trainer realistically flexing under load - both physics of the carcass and the visual representation of its dynamics are revised in V1.5 to a much more realistic representation of each car in the game.


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