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[AC - Track]Daytona 2017 by Terra21


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Daytona 2017 by Terra21

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Daytona Road Course for AC By Terra21 and Jim Lloyd with Permission From Alex Coutie and is based on his RF2 Track

  • Updated terrain textures with google map image for a more realistic looking grass
  • Added new more realistic lighting around the track
  • added various new textures around track (for eg striped barriers to bring inline with current look, new road details, crowds, etc etc etc)
  • Added both oval and road course layouts
  • Brand new AI lines
  • Dynamic groove inc oval
  • Added new surrounding building and city skyline panorama for more presence
  • Reduced materials as much as possible for a little more performance
  • Crowds and race-day objects can be removed by lowering world detail to high for a track day vibe or just a little more performance
  • New physical mesh

PLEASE NOTE : the issue with the barriers on the banks still persists, trust me we have tried everything to solve this issue and there are 100% no holes in the mesh, and from a lot of testing and experimentation we have determined that most problems are caused by mod cars and only at high speeds and more often than not head on collisions with the walls on the banks, as their collision meshes are often done different from default cars, kunos cars seem fine from my testing. Not Perfect but to be honest if you were to clip the walls at that speed IRL your race would be over for sure


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