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Virtual Race Car Engineer 2020: un ingegnere per l'assetto! Nuova versione anche su Android


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On 14/4/2018 at 1:56 AM, alfy said:

alfiero ventura VRCE2018 WIN

lui è il 40° ed ultimo vincitore

Ma arriveranno altri codici.....

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Grazie Nicola. :1_grinning:

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Virtual Race Car Engineer 2018 New Update

This whole week, Virtual Race Car Engineer 2018 is 34% off on all platforms!

There are some nice additions to the Virtual Race Car Engineer software this time around. I hope that you will find them useful in your setup development process.
- Added tab in Lap Wizard to track user lap times and progress during testing
- Added race session advice filter in Lap Wizard (when enabled VRCE advises only changes to setup that can be altered during a race pit stop)
- Added Front Wheel Drive option to Touring Cars (in SELECT menu from main screen)
- Added intro dialog to better welcome new users
- Added basic front/rear damper advice to Lap Wizard
- Added Spring rubber advice for Stock Car / Oval track (must have both Stock Car and Oval track selected)
- UI more responsive to different resolutions
- Other minor tweaks to UI to make it more friendly
- More code cleanup for better performance
- Fixed wrong text for Lap Wizard advice on "Rear Springs"

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On 15/4/2018 at 3:04 PM, VELOCIPEDE said:

Inviato in PM a tutti i vincitori il codice gratuito :59d202a683017_3(1):

Scusami....una domanda.....hai già spedito a tutti i 40 vincitori i codici ? Io sono intorno al ventesimo post e non riesco a visualizzare il PM.... grazie

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Updates for PC and Android versions coming next week.

- Added ability to change language (Menu top-right of main screen)
- Added exit confirmation screen (only after using exit button at top-right)
- Added simple session report in exit confrimation screen, if you entered lap times
- Better font scaling to lessen the blurry text on some devices (still more work to do)
- Better/Larger auto-size of digits in tire temp input fields
- Fix tire temp fields alignment
- Fix Touring Car button alignment
- Fix Tires and Laps button scaling in Lap Wizard
- Fix Facebook share was not working
- Fix after lap time entry, program will no longer focus on lap time field, allowing the Android keyboard to minimize out of view.

A new beta for VRCE2018 on Steam for you guys to try if you want. You can access it by Right-Click on the VRCE icon in steam, select Properties, Select Betas tab, and enter "vrce2018beta" in the Beta Code. Lastly, select the beta in the dropdown menu on that same screen.

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