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Virtual Race Car Engineer 2020: un ingegnere per l'assetto! Nuova versione anche su Android


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Another update for VRCE2018 (PC and Android) has been released in conjunction with next weeks (May 18th) release of the latest Setup Developer Tool. You can find more info on SDT2018 at

VRCE2018 Changes:
- Added ability to change language (Menu top-right of main screen)
- Added Resolution choice display at startup (press ALT immediately after startup of program)
- Added ability to toggle fullscreen and windowed (top-right menu)
- Added exit confirmation screen (only after using exit button at top-right)
- Added simple session report in exit confrimation screen, if you entered lap times
- Added credits screen (they deserve it, thank you)
- Fix font scaling to lessen the blurry text on some Android devices (still more work to do)
- Fix auto-size of digits in tire temp input fields (larger)
- Fix tire temp fields alignment
- Fix Touring Car button alignment
- Fix Tires and Laps button scaling in Lap Wizard
- Fix Facebook share was not working
- Fix after lap time entry, program will no longer focus on lap time field, allowing the Android keyboard to minimize out of view.

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Race car setup tuning and education software.

Virtual Race Car Engineer for your Android tablet
Virtual Race Car Engineer is on Android too

Tuning your personal race car setups couldn’t be easier with the advice from Virtual Race Car Engineer. Knowledge gained from 20+ years of experience both in the real-world and simulated racing. The Virtual Race Car Engineer software takes that knowledge and becomes your personal race engineer, guiding you to better lap times on track.

Available for:
PC on Sellfy | | Amazon 
Android on Google Play Store | Amazon
Kindle Fire on Amazon

Describe a car condition, get recommendations fast

Simply enter the results from a test run, report your handling impression, and the Virtual Race Car Engineer recommends all the setup changes to cure your condition in the Lap Wizard. Furthermore, you can focus on a each corner of the track to maximize speed through each individual corner is done using the Corner Wizard feature. Finally, on race-day, use the Lap Wizard’s ‘race filter’ to help you deal with any setup changes that may arise due to weather or other conditions. As a result, you will come to understand the effect of chassis changes as they’ve related directly to your own experiences. With that knowledge you become the master of your own race car setup.

Virtual Race Car Engineer 2018 can be used with any realistic auto racing software that allows the users to adjust the car setup, including the following: Assetto Corsa, Automobilista, F1 2017, iRacing, Project Cars, RaceRoom, rFactor, rFactor 2, Stock Car Extreme, and more.

OS: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10
Processor: 1.3 GHz Intel Pentium III or 100% compatible
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 8.1 compatible graphics card with 64 MB memory
DirectX: Version 8.1
Storage: 75 MB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 8.1 compatible

LANGUAGES SUPPORTED: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German

Available for
PC available on Sellfy | | Amazon 
Android available on Google Play Store | Amazon
Kindle Fire on Amazon

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New updates for both apps have gone live today. Both will auto update on Steam and Android, but stand-alone PC users will need to re-download and install again.

While the VRCE app has only a minor update...
- Increase scroll rate of text window for mouse-wheel users
- Minor bug fixes

...the SDT app has some nice additions...
- Added more info to Tires feedback if SDT2018 detects possible under or oversteer from temperatures (thanks to Rene Reid)
- Added clearer feedback to Tires feedback on when to move on to next step
- Added message to user to revert to previous setup, and move on, if last setup change did not reduce lap time (must use lap times logging for this to work)
- Added button to clear all tire temperatures
- Some additional tweaking to the German language translation thanks to Matthias MacKenzie
- Fix bug that prevented right-side camber advice from being displayed
- Fixed "Click for news" button not being cleared if you jump to topic
- Fixed translation of exit-prompt text

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I have another update to VRCE2018 for you. This time around there are some nice additions. I hope you enjoy - Tim
- Added ride height, packers, brake bias, and aides (TC, ABS) to the car options and advice
- All advice now sorted by weight of impact. The higher on the list of advice, the larger the change will have on your setup. For more subtle changes, see advice lower on the list.
- Moved car setup options from Corner Wizard to SELECT menu
- Button placed on Corner Wizard to easily access car setup options
- Car options that are specific to a car type are hidden until that car type is selected (Touring Car, Stock Car)
- Increased size of top-menu and items for easier use on phones
- Added top-menu item "?" to access learning database (articles, glossary, discussion, etc)
- Minor fixes to font sizing and scaling

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Da Facebook


I've been working on an updated version of the Virtual Race Car Engineer recently. Before I finalize my list of additions I wanted to share them with you and get any input you may have. Here is the list so far:

+ Complete redesign of GUI
+ Much of the code re-written for CPU and memory efficiency
+ Added Sprint and Kart cars to car type selections
+ Added stagger to car advice options
+ Added qualifying specific advice
+ Added choice of testing, qualifying, or race session in "Select" menu
+ Added free flowcharts to app
+ Added "Delta" setting to adjust tire pressure and camber advice. (Lower setting = harder to hit tire pressure and camber advice targets)
+ Added CPU setting to adjust CPU load
+ App remembers the language, car, track, cpu, delta, and toggle choices from last use
+ Added "Clear Prefs" button to erase all saved car/track/toggle preferences
+ Added new format choice to how advice is delivered (just the simple UP or DOWN, for easy and fast reading)
+ Added ability to choose severity of condition (different advice based on how severe the condition)
+ Added ability to create your own language translations (edit file in Languages folder with any text editor)

Do you have a suggestion that you feel adds to VRCE? Tools to help people new and inexperienced in setting up a race car?


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I just have a few minor finishing touches to apply, but here is a video showing some of the new additions in the latest VRCE app.

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How about some release dates for Virtual Race Car Engineer 2020

Jan 20th on the website…/virtual-race-car-…/
Jan 27th on Steam…/Virtual_Race_Car_Engineer…/

If you already own VRCE2018, you will be able to upgrade to VRCE2020 for 50% off.

L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, auto
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Dopo il successo del già noto ed apprezzato Setup Developer Tool, Tim McArthur ritorna con il suo ingegnere di pista virtuale, questa volta con un programma molto più completo e professionale, aggiornato proprio all'annata attuale: Virtual Race Car Engineer 2020. Si tratta di un vero e proprio ingegnere di pista digitale che, in base alle risposte che noi daremo alle sue domande, tramite il software provvederà a fornirci indicazioni precise su come modificare l'assetto in maniera consona, così da farci sentire a nostro agio con qualsiasi vettura e, naturalmente, migliorare le nostre performance.

Potete leggere la nostra recensione dell'edizione 2018 di Virtual Race Car Engineer, per rendervi conto della validità di un programma che si è costantemente migliorato nel corso del tempo e viene sempre aggiornato. Virtual Race Car Engineer 2020 sarà disponibile dal 20 Gennaio sul sito ufficiale e dal 27 Gennaio anche su Steam.

Inoltre Tim McArthur ha deciso di fare un bel regalo esclusivo a tutti gli utenti di DrivingItalia.NET: dirigendovi a questo link dedicato, potrete acquistare Virtual Race Car Engineer 2020 con lo sconto del 25%, quindi a soli 14,99 dollari, meno di 14 euro !

Per tutti i dettagli, immagini e commenti, fate riferimento a questo topic del forum, qui di seguito alcuni screens ed un video di anteprima del software in uso.


How about some release dates for Virtual Race Car Engineer 2020

Jan 20th on the website…/virtual-race-car-…/
Jan 27th on Steam…/Virtual_Race_Car_Engineer…/

If you already own VRCE2018, you will be able to upgrade to VRCE2020 for 50% off.





VRCE 1.png


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