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rFactor 2 Roadmap Update August 2017


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Il team Studio 397 ha appena pubblicato un nuovo roadmap update, per il mese di agosto, dedicato al suo rFactor 2. Gli sviluppatori ci aggiornano su come sono andate le cose finora riguardo le qualificazioni del torneo Worlds Fastest Gamer con la McLaren GT3, che ha visto in pista migliaia di appassionati. Prosegue intanto il lavoro di sviluppo sull'interfaccia grafica del gioco (qui sotto un nuovo screen) e sulla grafica in DirectX 11, che diventerà lo standard (anche per la demo) a partire da fine settembre.

Un annuncio particolarmente interessante è invece quello della nuova licenza ufficiale con la Tatuus, famosa azienda italiana produttrice di monoposto da competizione. Ci attendono quindi grandi sfide a bordo delle spettacolari Formula 4 Abarth e non solo quelle !

In the last couple of months we have shown you various bits of the new UI. We are now at a point where we have basically incorporated all features of the existing user interface into the new one, with a few extensions. In the upcoming weeks, we will be testing the first beta of this user interface with our testing team. During that phase we not only intend to focus on bugfixing, but also usability testing, so depending on how our testers respond, we might make further changes to parts of the interface. Obviously we can’t predict yet how long this phase will take, but it should tell you that we’re pretty close to a first public beta release.


As you know, for the competition we released an early version of Zandvoort, dubbed 0.20, indicating it is not finished yet. Although the track already is very drivable and enjoyable, we intend to further improve it over the next couple of months. Also, we’ve learned that for the DTM race this weekend, they repaved the final section of the track, and made some curb changes to the “Audi S” curve, so we’ll probably take a closer look at those for the final version.

In the mean time we have news to share on the licensing front. A lot is going on there, also in terms of tracks, but as a general rule we do not talk about licenses until the deal is sealed. We are proud to be able to announce that we signed a multi-car deal with the Italian race car manufacturer Tatuus. This will bring several of their current racing cars to rFactor 2, which should be very exciting for all the fans of open wheelers!


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Davvero bello e pulito il nuovo menu ma per farci godere in pieno rf2 dovrebbero almeno implementare quel paio di plugin di terze parti che sono essenziali per sfruttare in pieno rf2 anche in dx11.

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