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iRacing Build Season 3 2017


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Release Notes for 2017 Season 3 [2017.06.06.01]
This season release features TWO new cars, one new track, and a host of other enhancements.

Some highlights include:
• Ferrari GTE 488
• Ford GT 2017
• Myrtle Beach Speedway
• More realistic Dynamic Track surface heat behaviors
• Dynamic environment cube maps
• A brand new shadow mapping system
• New and fun Replay Render Modes
• Class B NASCAR vehicles updated to 2017 specs

Full 2017 Season 3 Release details are below.

Have fun out on the track!



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The 2017 Season 3 Build features a pair of great new sports cars, one legendary short track, enhanced graphics and dynamic track surfaces, and new replay modes along with a host of updates to existing cars and features.
Just in time for the second annual iRacing 24 Hours of Le Mans, we're rolling-out the fastest sports cars yet produced by two of the world's iconic automakers in the Ferrari 488 GTE and Ford GT.  We're also adding a great new short track in Myrtle Beach Speedway, springboard to the careers of multiple generations of Pettys, Earnhardts and Jarretts.
The build also includes improvements in the surface heat of the dynamic tracks along with some cool new replay modes and dramatic improvements to shadows and reflections on the cars.  The NASCAR Class B (aka Xfinity) cars have been updated to 2017 specs as well.
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We will be deploying a patch to our Season 3 build tomorrow at 9AM EDT.

This release will address some issues with the 2017 Season 3 Release, primarily with regards to the Ferrari 488 GTE and the Ford GT - 2017.

This maintenance will affect all iRacing.com regions and members will be unable host or join sessions during the downtime. The Test Drive iRacing service will be online during this downtime.

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2017 Season 3 Patch 3 Release Notes
– The car-to-car incident detection threshold for generating 2X contact penalties has been increased. This means that a stronger hit will now be needed on Dirt Tracks to generate a 2X penalty.
– Adjusted the look of wet dirt.
– Fixed an issue where ride height adjustments would continue to modulate while sitting in the garage.
– Fixed an issue where headlights were not rendering correctly on triple-screen setups with a field-of-view close to 180 degrees.
– EAC has been updated to the latest version.
– Users will now always be provided a reason if EAC removes them from a session.
– Fixed an issue with the @ symbol from Slovenian keyboards.
Dirt Late Model
– (ALL) – Rear diff model changed from locker to spool.
– (ALL) – Reverted changes to aero balance from Season 3 update.
– (ALL) – Reverted changes to torque curves from Season 3 update.
– (LIMITED) – Season setups have been updated.
– (SUPER) – Season setups have been updated.
Global Mazda MX-5 Cup
– Fixed an issue with a paint pattern not displaying correctly.
Kia Optima
– A new vehicle setup has been added.
NASCAR Camping World Chevrolet Silverado
– (DIRT VERSION) – Season setups have been updated.
NASCAR Camping World Toyota Tundra
– (DIRT VERSION) – Season setups have been updated.
NASCAR Nationwide Chevrolet Impala circa 2011
– Season setups have been updated.
– Season setups have been updated.
NASCAR XFINITY Chevrolet Camaro
– Season setups have been updated.
– Season setups have been updated.
Lime Rock Park
– Fixed a loading error with the School track configuration.
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
– Fixed a loading error with the School track configuration.
Summit Point Raceway
– Fixed a loading error with the School track configuration.
– The “iRacing is already Running!” issues appears to be fixed after this update. Solve this by simply allowing that dialog box to stay on the screen, and launch the new UI again. Then close it once your SIM update has begun.
– When exiting the SIM from a session of any type, the user is now put back into the same UI section from which they entered the SIM.
– The “Send Us Feedback” button has been relocated to the bottom left of the interface.
– The link found in the Results pop-up after an event should now load the corresponding Results page on the classic membersite.
– The iRacing SIM Updater has been moved to the top-right corner of the UI. The color and mouse-over tooltip of the icon will indicate what, if any, updates are available.
– – Red = Required Updates are Available!
– – Blue = Optional Updates are Available!
– – Green = iRacing is Fully Updated!
– When iRacing has Required Updates available, all events in the Card View should now have the Red “Update Required” note attached to them.
– The icon for Fixed Setups has been changed to a “No Wrench” icon.
– The icon for Adjustable Setups has been changed to a “Wrench” icon.
– Official and Hosted sessions will now display the icons for Fixed or Adjustable Setups so they can be seen before entering the session.
– When clicking “Register” for a Multi-Car Official or Hosted Session without having a car selected should no longer freeze the UI.
– Users should now be able to select to display either their Road or Oval SR/IR at the top left corner, and Coherent should remember their choice even after logging out.
– The car image for all car selection menus should now update correctly to match your new car selection.
– Coherent is now limited to 90 fps. This can help with inadvertently causing graphics cards to be over worked while running the new UI.
– All modal UI boxes now have a maximum width, to prevent them from stretching across multiple screens.
– Users should no longer be able to Register for a Session in which iRacing Updates are required.
– The helmet pattern and color beside a user’s name should now match the classic membersite.
Test Drive
– The Test Drive modal menu now states that you can drive any car you own on any track you own.
– Users should now be able to select a car and track in order to start a Test Drive Session.
– Non-default painted wheels should now be used during Test Drive Sessions.
Series Racing
– Two new filtering tags have been added, “Official” and “Joinable”.
Hosted Racing
– When creating a Hosted Session, Fixed an issue when using the Reset button after selecting a car removes the selected car from the list of choices.
– When creating a Hosted Session, Fast Repairs should now be able to be set to a value of zero.
– When creating a Hosted Session, Time of Day may now be adjusted when using Dynamic Weather.
– When creating a Hosted Session, all cars and tracks are now sorted alphabetically by display name by default.
– When creating a Hosted Session, the session restrictions should now default to the full range of values for iRating and License Class.
– When creating a Hosted Session, the default value for Car Fuel is now 100% for all vehicles.
– When creating a Hosted Session, the session may no longer be set to 0 minutes in length.
– When creating a Hosted Session, the default weather conditions are now set to 2 MPH Wind and 55% Humidity.
– When creating a Hosted Session, releasing a mouse click when the mouse pointer is no longer over the Session creation window should no longer close the window.
– Fixed a typo that was mislabeling two of the column headers when viewing Hosted Sessions using the List view.
– When creating a Hosted Session, fixed an issue where the error message “unique constraint (IRACING_APP.PK_SVCPRIVATESESSION_ADMIN) violated” would be displayed if there was more than 1 admin for the session.
Time Attack
– Fixed an issue where racers could complete Time Attack laps without actually driving around the track.
– The ability to select a specific racer’s ghost in Time Attack now has additional instructions to make it easier to locate this functionality.
– Time Attack Competitions can now be filtered with additional tags, including: “own all content”, “own some content”, and “content that doesn’t require updates”.
– When leaving a Time Attack Competition Session, the user should be brought back to the screen for that Time Attack Competition.
– Each Time Attack results page now only displays 15 results instead of 20 to reduce screen space.
– The navigation arrows in the top-right corner of the Time Attack Results screen have been adjusted so that the arrows on each end jump 15, and the arrows in the middle jump 1. This should match the classic membersite.
– When viewing a specific car/track Time Attack Competition Results page, the “X” button should now close the results, and go directly to the Time Attack Sessions Info panel instead of all the way back to the list of all Time Attack Competitions.
– When moving from viewing the Overall Results for a Time Attack Competition to the Competition Info, all of a racers’ performance percentages on each track should no longer vanish.
– Time is now the default sorting method for Relative Time Attack results.
– When switching from a Time Attack Competition Relative results page for a specific track to a different Time Attack Competition Relative results page using the same track, the data should update correctly.
– When a specific Time Attack Competition is selected, the Relative Standing Results will now update to reflect the selection.
– The background color highlighting your own Time Attack results has been adjusted to increase readability.
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