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RaceRoom: confermata la Formula RaceRoom X-17


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Con le immagini ed il trailer di anteprima che trovate qui sotto, il team Sector3 conferma ufficialmente il prossimo arrivo per RaceRoom Racing Experience della nuova Formula RaceRoom X-17, in sostanza una moderna monoposto di Formula 1 di fantasia, ma con tutte le caratteristiche tecniche delle vetture che avete potuto ammirare proprio ieri sul circuito di Barcellona.

We have already shown various teasers, but now its time to officially reveal the new top runner of our Formula RaceRoom Series.



We proudly present the:

Formula RaceRoom X-17


  • 3.0 liter V10
  • 950hp @ 19000 rpm
  • 370Nm @ 17000 rpm
  • 7 speed paddle shift
  • 620 kg including driver
  • 44/56% Weight distribution, including driver, excluding fuel
  • 150 liter fuel tank
  • Maximum theoretical downforce is aprox 2800 kg @ 322 km/h.
  • Traction Control available
  • DRS System


The low weight and advanced aerodynamics make it the quickest car currently available in RaceRoom.


The V10 engine will leave you with nothing to be desired in terms of performance and sound.


Equipped with fat slick tyres the car will stun you with insane mechanical grip.


Next to the outstanding performance and sound of the FR X-17, the shape and design also know how to please.


The FR X-17 is a must have for everyone looking for the ultimate thrill on the race track.


Coming soon!

fonte Sector3 forum

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Il team Sector3 ha appena annunciato tramite Facebook che domani sarà rilasciata per RaceRoom Racing Experience la nuova Formula RX-17, praticamente una monoposto di fantasia ispirata alle moderne Formula 1 del 2017, con motore V10.

Are you ready for the ultimate thrill? The Formula RaceRoom X-17 will be released tomorrow! It is the quickest car in RaceRoom and a must-have for all adrenaline junkies and lovers of V10 engine sound, as this video shows


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