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RaceRoom: nuovo update con Anderstorp disponibili


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Il team Sector3 ha appena rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento per il suo RaceRoom Racing Experience. In contemporanea con l'update software è stato anche rilasciato il nuovo e storico circuito svedese di Anderstorp.

Anderstorp Raceway is now available http://bit.ly/RR_Anderstorp
Anderstorp is a long standing marker in Swedish racing history, this is where the greats of Formula One battled in the glory days and where speed kings of Scandinavia were crowned for decades.


The track combines a very long straight with cambered sweepers and tight hairpin turns.


It demands a good setup of the car and precise lines from the driver to master.


The tight final corner combination is always an invitation for last lap heroics, at Anderstorp your win is not certain until the very final meter.


The track will come in two variants: GP & South Layout


  • Fixed an issue where time allowed to give a position was showing 15 seconds instead of 30.
  • Fixed an issue where players sometimes received a penalty while on grid at the start of MP race.
  • Added a 2 second period during which the yellow flag causer still can be overtaken after he/she has fulfilled the criteria for not causing a yellow anymore.
  • Increased the speed threshold needed to release a yellow flag.


  • Added a setting “Stay in Practice Session if Empty” to turn on/off session freeze to dedi. If ON, the server will stay in practice session if it’s empty. If OFF the server will continue to qualifying even if it’s empty.
  • Added a setting “Allow Players Join in Qualifying” to allow/disallow players join during Qualifying. If OFF players can’t join during Qualifying. If ON players can join during Qualifying.

Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:

  • Mclaren 650s: Camera update following the steering wheel alignment fix.
  • Suzuka: Fixed BMW procar going wide in 130R and fixed too harsh 130R cut rules


  • McLaren 650s GT3: Fixed alignment of the steering wheel.

Portal & Backend:

  • Fixed some inconsistencies with competition starting and ending time being x hours off depending on the players local time difference to UTC


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