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[AC] Audi TT Cup by Shaun Clarke


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Audi TT Cup by Shaun Clarke

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I am pleased to announce the revival of the Audi TT Cup Mod. I have renamed it from the 2015, as this includes updates from 2016 Tech Specs that I obtained from Audi.
The original model was scratch made by Tommy78 and he gave me full permission to work on this to bring this up to date, which I hope, I have, so...
Credit to Tommy78 for the Original Model, which still contains:
Unchanged Model and UV Mapping
Full Damage Model

So what has changed, where do I start, lets try here:
V10 Tyres
Steering Geometry
Gear Ratios
Final Ratio
Top speed with Limiter tested and confirmed
Sounds - By Fonsecker, but not designed for this car
All the Cams (F1-F6)
Auto Gear Box
Flashing Headlights
Increased brightness of head lights and rear brake lights
P2P is a 10 sec burst
Re-Charge is depending on Braking
Brake Temps (you will need an APP to see this)
Default Setup File corrected and enhanced (opened)
Added Brake Power and Steering Assist to the Setup Options

P2P Re-Charge
If you brake from 300kph for 1 second it will re-charge quicker than if you brake from 100kph for 1 second. AC does not support a set amount of push 2 pass button press's.

I cannot stress this enough, but when you leave the pitlane, your brakes basically have 0 temp, you need to build these up, so please don't moan if you cannot stop on a six pence on lap one in turn one.
Optimal temps are around 200-300 degrees Celsius for this type of car, which you can achieve in 1-2 laps.

I hope this doesn't put people off, but for realism, I think it's a must. Again, thank you for your support, help and I need your feedback, please let me know
Hope you enjoy


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