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[AC] Daytona Road Course by Terra21 - Jim Lloyd


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Daytona Road Course for AC By Terra21 and Jim Lloyd with Permission From Alex Coutie and is based on his RF2

-Shaders Updated
-New Objects and Textures Throughout Track
- New Sponsor Boards
- Road Texture updated with Fresnal Mutlimap Details
- Dynamic Air Balloon
- Sections.ini added for corner names
- 3 Cameras and Working AI
-43 Pitboxes

Work In Progress for Version 1.0
- Dynamic Race Groove
- Tweak the AI if needed
- Camera Facing Crowds
-Physical Mesh
- More Track Line to be added to oval

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  • 3 weeks later...


Faster AI
Fixed some cameras and added a new set
Added some cut zones to turn 1 and bustop
Some other small fixes

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