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[rFactor2] - Palatov D4

Alessandro Pollini

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Palatov D4

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Palatov D4 1.57 by Slow Motion

The design goal of the D4 was to put as much power as possible into as small and light a package as possible, while still being able to use it, and still provide a high level of safety. The Hillclimb configuration is the ultimate D4, with over 350hp in a AWD chassis weighing just over 425kg. Even the base Trackday configuration is still potent, with over 170hp, packaged in a car that weighs slightly more than 400kg.
Despite the light weight and small size, the D4 is designed to share the track with much larger cars, and is overbuilt for a car of its weight class.

Developed by Palatov Motorsport & Slow Motion Group, this new build 1.57 brings several “hidden” improvements to the physics, to better match the evolution of rFactor2 in the last year and half.

A new 2017 revised steering wheel has been added to match the evolution of the real life Palatov D4 and were made a few improvements to the graphics, with the goal to enhance the user's experience without altering the great feeling of this awesome prototype! The steering is now more precise. Strong steering FFB still communicates the road surfaces just like the real car: this is a feature of the Palatov D4! Those who wish less intensity may use FFB Multiplier below 1.0 to reduce FFB strength.

- new steering wheel
- new shader for rear and braking lights
- fixed unwanted “holes” in car’s shadow cast on track
- new shader for car’s floor

- fixed CTD switching from fullscreen mode to desktop
- revised steering wheel values for matching the 2017 real life Palatov D4
- improved engines to the new rFactor2 code
- tuned shift attenuation sound for opponents
- fine tuned Real Hoosier Racing Slick wear for opponents
- due to the several changes to the physics and some new rFactor2 code, tuned opponents performances

Don’t forget to subscribe / download also the Oregon Raceway Park Circuit, where Palatov Motorsport conduct most of their real world testing. This has enabled direct comparison with logged data and video from the real car.


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