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[rF2] Formula Predators by Slow Motion


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Il gruppo di Slow Motion ha rilasciato per rFactor 2 la divertentissima Formula Predators, la monoposto low cost italiana creata dal vulcanico Corrado Cusi e protagonista del campionato monomarca Formula Promotion.

I know, the mod is not of great interest… But these cars, in real life, have a good success and since years, mainly due to the very affordable cost for racing a whole season, the very low cost for buying one of them, the opportunity to rent one of them and the great feeling that transmit when you fight with other drivers, there are tens and tens of amateurs that race in the championship and some special events… also more than 50 drivers per event.

I had a lot of difficulties in getting real data and, in the end, the best I got was the feedback of a couple of teams and some driver. In effect the car was developed without any CAD aid, nor a spreadsheet, but with a lot of attempts and tests on track. And the original version for rFactor1 was developed by few very skilled guys of S.RW. (at the time they were attending graduate studies in subjects related to the physical models) so I used several original values.

Below is the text that comes into the workshop on Steam:
rFactor2 version by Slow Motion Group - 3D is Property of Predator's Owner - Initial porting under full authorisation of S.RW.

PLEASE NOTE: the mod comes with 2 classes, Factory and Sim... Factory is like the real world car, Sim has few different finals and less lasting tires for online purposes.

READ CAREFULLY: THE CAR WAS MANUFACTURED FOR VERY SHORT TRACKS, in real life Italian tracks like Varano, Cremona, Cervesina that unfortunately aren't yet available in rFactor2. I strongly suggest to use tracks like Mores, Adria and similar karting style tracks for feeling how the real car behaves, in fact the car hasn't differential, nor traditional left and right rear suspensions and axles, so, in few words, the car turns more or less increasing or decreasing the front ARB; there is also only one central spring in front and the steering wheel is VERY VERY LIGHT! The typical behaviour of the real car is that the perfect path in "fast" corners (fast for that car, lol) means to feel the car "floating" on the surface. To achieve this perfect behaviour you need to push the throttle in the right moment and right rpm, to avoid the under steer and, on the contrary, controlling the over steer to have the "floating" effect. It needs few time to well understand how doing it. Another "feature" is that you must drive the car in a dirty way entering the corners, to be faster... and you MUST WORK A LOT WITH THE STEERING WHEEL. All these are peculiarities of the Predator's PC010, no faults. If you want to use the mod in "normal" tracks, you could find useful to add 1 or 2 degrees to the wings and increase stiffness of front ARB, otherwise you will have only mechanical grip. Be careful vs. AIs: they are very aggressive but perfectly tuned for short tracks... to fight at Mores is very very awesome!
Of course the build is available on Steam, to be subscribed... Here are the links to the rfcmp, in case of need:


Build 1.1 DX11 READY and with animated lollipop is available!

Manual download:

Enjoy the mod!

You can find more info on the real car here:



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