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Zakspeed Escort GR.5 DRM (Update v0.6) (Compatible with AC 1.2.2)


Alpha 0.6


– Glowing brakes

– Dynamic limiter arrow(like in lotus 49)

– Revised various shaders/materials

– New steering animation (sightly better, but still one little glitch)

– Revised some skins/colors/details

– New preview pictures (this never ends :P)

– New and more detailed hood locks (model/texture)

– Some improvements in the BBS rims (model/texture)

– 2 new Rothmans liveries (Wow, 30 skins now :))

– New trunk locks/Bonnet Pins (model/texture)(or whatever is the name of this thing)

– Revised the tail lights/brake lights to be combined. (model/texture)

– Tweaked the lodB’s a bit more (model)

– New emergency kill switch for fire extinguisher/electrical (model/texture)


– live axle (no more toe/camber in the rear end, you need to watch your corner exit now :P)





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Questa e'una gran notizia, i DRM passano da RFactor ad Assetto Corsa, ne vedremo delle belle, peccato per RF2 che sta dimostrando un suo tallone d'achille nella moddabilita', che dovrebbe essere uno dei suoi punti di forza, peccato veramente perché' anche RF2 ha il suo' perché'.

Comunque bando alle ciance e benvenuti ai DRM!!

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Ragazzi, sembra un auto fatta dai Kunos... Fantastica. Una domanda: è stata fatta da zero oppure è una conversione? Ps: non che me ne importi molto, comunque... Solo curiosità!

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il modello è ottimo, ma da guidare è parecchio strana, troppo innaturale imho, anche nel ffb, spero la sistemino..

Questa e'una gran notizia, i DRM passano da RFactor ad Assetto Corsa, ne vedremo delle belle

Comunque bando alle ciance e benvenuti ai DRM!!

su rfactor il drm revival era forse il mio mod preferito, felicissimo di ritrovare i drm su AC Edited by baronesbc
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l'autore del mod:


Well, the things reached a insane scale yesterday, the page views jumped from 500~600 daily views to 3.871. Impressive, at least people want to try this thing. But I’ve seen lots of love and hate around and I think I need to explain some things here.

This is my first experience in the modding community, everything you see here is result of lots of hours of trying and error. Months, actually. There’s no “make awesome physics in 5 easy steps” tutorial, I’m just an 3d artist with some experience with games, everything beyond this is a plus and in case you guys don’t noticed, despite from the help of named people above, this is a one person project and I’m neither physics guru or sound engineer, that means this two positions are available. Just complaining over the internet won’t help this project in any way.

I’m doing my best here, but I can’t handle everything alone with extreme quality. Not in less than a year. 

Just for the record, I’m not mad at all, I know there’s flaws here more than anyone.

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Hi folks,

There's a conversion of the Gr.5 capri. The model was made by Tim (Chong) who gently gave the permission to convert it to AC.

It's a really good model considering it was made in 2009-2010 for the GTA:SA, I think only the interior needs some more love.

- new tires/rims/blur models and textures
- headlights texture/normal maps
- ao bake
- damage/dirt textures (don't know about normal maps yet)
- animations (steering/doors/wiper)
- mirrors uv mapping

On the physics part, it's using the zakspeed escort with some changes for now, but will be much better if someone with physics skills take the lead on this.

I'm always open to constructive criticism and suggestions. Or even better... Some help clear.png

JHFUDZAs.jpg YsJumzYs.jpg ueE8Ub1s.jpg A81SDIns.jpg CiJHqxQs.jpg

Some pics of the progress so far:

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