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The Corvette will likely be featured in the weekly edition of ISR's "Test Drive" on Saturday, May 10th.
By then, the car will be more polished, and look more like a finished mod (even though it'll still be a long way from release) due to the upcoming 3D and texture updates.



Ok, headlights weren't so difficult ... except that when the lights are off, the object's still there, it's just dark. :| Will have a poke at what the other cars do. Maybe it just needs to be transparent.



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ITEgXZKs.png rCwehWbs.png 9pS9h7es.png

#99 - Gainsco Racing 2014
showroom_corvette_dp_m7cd0.png showroom_corvette_dp_0xcwz.png showroom_corvette_dp_nifet.png

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I can only repeat myself: WOW. Assetto Corsa's engine really is what modders need to make their works shine like never before.

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