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[rFactor2] - Hidden Valley by FVR

Guest Uff

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Nome file: Hidden Valley by FVR

Autore del file: Uff

File inserito: 09 Jan 2014

Categoria del file: Tracks

FVR Hidden Valley Rfactor 2 WIP 4.

Our tracks are always a work in progress and constantly receive updates This one is no different and is only an early work. It is if the great track in Northern Territory of Australia.

We have a full stable of tracks we have created in house, Symmons Plains, Hamilton, Gold Coast, Townsville, Sydney, Ipswich, Barbagello, Winton, Phillip Island and Hidden Valley to name a few. They are all at various stages of WIPs. This one is a WIP 4.

Anyway hope you enjoy it.

This track was majority scratch built for rFactor2. Some textures, and animations were used from ISI tracks. Thankyou ISI for the rF2 and rF1. I've tried to create everything from scratch but this track is getting to drive me round the twist and we have cars to do.

Special thanks to OZspeedfreak for the AIW - great job especially at short notice. ;D We've been chatting and updating this last week or two constantly. Great effort that he put in and I am super impressed thanks. Thanks to Skip also for starting it but wondering what planet Skip has settled on since he disappeared. :D

The cams were done by dBens1 ;D

My good mate Ferret40 did most of the textures ISI didn't do ;D

Modelling and some textures - FlashQld

The texture of the stands was taken from an old ISI track and will be replaced. The stands are new although they look like crap but I ran out of patience. If you are that critical then delete the files. It's something. :(

The track was completely redone in 3Dsmax but thanks to BTB for the previous attempts and some textures although I may have removed the majority of them.

Thanks to Freew67 for his great tutorial site that spurred me to have another go.

I think I covered everyone. ;D

Please do not post without permission from FVRFactor - same rules as the FVR V82012 - just want to make sure it works first.

Our two converter guys we do need to make it work in rF1, Race and GTR2 so if you are keen let me know.

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