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  • iRacing S2 2021: rilasciata Patch 4

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    Nuovo update per iRacing, che si aggiorna con la Patch 4 della Stagione 2 2021. Tra gli aggiornamenti più importanti abbiamo il riattivato supporto al Trueforce del volanti Logitech G923, supporto che era stato sospeso con la Patch 3 a causa di alcuni problemi. Parlando di riattivazioni, il nuovo sistema di danni è stato riattivato sull'ARCA Menards Chevrolet Impala.

    Ecco di seguito il changelog completo:


    iRACING UI: (5.13.01-2021-s2)


    • The clock in the UI banner has been made more visible when Dark Mode is active.

    Race Series

    • The Event start dates have been added to the information displayed in the Season Schedule.
    • This shows the start date for all weeks, regardless if they are completed or in progress.
    • The minimum number of participants required in order for a Ranked Session to go Official has been added to the Series Info panel.
    • Remember, your Safety Rating is always effected by your performance in Ranked Sessions; and your iRating is only effected if the event has enough participants to go Official!
    • Fixed an issue where the displayed time of day word description (except Afternoon) did not match the actual time value for the Session info.
    • Fixed an issue where the Time of Day info bubble was not displayed correctly on a Series Schedule.

    Hosted Racing

    • When creating a Hosted Session from an event on a Race Season Schedule, the correct time of day will now be carried over into the Hosted Session creation window.
    • Fixed an issue where setting a weight penalty for a given car was being automatically rounded to the nearest whole kilogram, regardless of units in use and actual value.
    • Fixed an issue where creating a Hosted Session from a Series Schedule was not carrying over the correct Time of Day settings.

    Test Drive

    • When creating a Test Drive from a Series event, the correct time of day will now be carried over into the Test Drive creation window.


    • When creating a League Team Race, the Grid Builder button is now correctly unavailable.

    Paint Shop

    • Fixed an issue where an empty column could appear when selecting to change cars.



    • A new Thrustmaster "OneWheel" API has been integrated.
    • This API should resolve various force feedback issues. This update is automatic, no manual processes are required by users.
    • TrueForce support for Logitech wheels has been re-enabled.
    • Users will need to manually force GHUB to upgrade to version 2021.3.5164 if you are already on version 2021.2.7359. See the following forum post for a guide on how to get Logitech TrueForce back up and running safely:


    ARCA Menards Chevrolet Impala

    The New Damage Model has been re-enabled for this vehicle on this environment!

    For the New Damage Model, several adjustments have been made, including:

    • Wheel strengths have been adjusted so they break or hinge less.
    • Spring damper limits have been adjusted so they may occasionally collapse with appropriate damage.
    • The break thresholds for many body mount points have been reduced.

    Global Mazda MX-5 Cup

    • Preventative measures have been taken to halt rampant license plate thievery for this vehicle within the 3D Model Viewer.

    Mercedes-AMG GT3

    • Fixed an issue where the iRacing UI model for this vehicle could appear without mirrors.

    NASCAR Cup Series

    • Gearing has been adjusted slightly while running at Darlington Raceway to account for reduced aerodynamic drag.


    Kansas Speedway

    • Some advertisements and signs have been updated.

    Talladega Superspeedway

    • Some advertisements and signs have been updated.



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