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  • Automobilista 2: rilasciato aggiornamento con le Ginetta

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    Reiza Studios ha rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento per il suo Automobilista 2, portandolo alla versione L'update, dal peso di circa 400 MB, è piuttosto ricco: è stata aggiunta la Ginetta G40 Cup Series, la Ginetta G40 è stata inserita nella classe GT5, è stata rilasciata una serie di fix e miglioramenti alla fisica di gioco e alla IA ed è stato portato un aggiornamento significativo al LiveTrack 3.0

    Ecco di seguito il changelog completo. Commenti nel topic dedicato


    V1.1.0.5 -> V1.1.1.0 CHANGELOG


    • Added Ginetta G40 to GT5 series
    • Added Ginetta G40 Cup series



    • LiveTrack now maintains rubber state between sessions.on a race weekend (rather than resetting to a "green" track at the start of every session)
    • Reduced base grip from a green track & increased grip range to max grip state

    UI & HUD


    • Added option for German localization
    • Fixed wrong description on 'Edit HUD' menu option
    • Adjusted size and layout of ICM strategy menu to make current strategy more readable
    • Fixed scrollbar on Start Championship list
    • Fixed incorrect heavy fog icon
    • Fixed Race sessions showing practice length on lobby detail page
    • Fixed Add session start time to lobby detail page
    • Remove stray icon from formation lap info HUD element
    • Fixed text alignment of Retired/Pit indicator on replay/spectator leaderboards
    • Added missing translations for some recently released tracks
    • Added missing Edit Hud Description, Drive layout, FFB Damping translations
    • Fixed PIT text overflowing container on HUD leaderboard in some languages
    • Fixed issue where simulate/retirement screen could become unresponsive when choosing no during exit confirmation.
    • Adjusted loading screen gradient to provide more positive feedback at lower levels
    • Added leaderboard class icon for GT40Cup, Group A, JCW, TC60



    • Further differential & driveline fine tuning; further reduced crankshaft mass (reduces overall engine inertia); reduced axle shaft mass & slightly reduced wheel bearing losses (slightly increases top speed & improves differential functionality)
    • Further tire tread adjustments for all cars (generally less speed sensitivity, slightly sharper peak slip angles)
    • Revised tire grip falloff rates when under and over optimal operating temperature, & added rates to several tires that didn´t feature substantial falloff rates
    • Further revisions to rain tire compounds
    • Slightly reduced efficiency of slicks on wet surface
    • Slightly increased tire automatic preheating ratio before race starts
    • Adjusted optimal temperature ranges for carbon & steel brakes
    • Adjusted brake heating & cooling rates for all cars
    • GT3 cars now use steel brakes instead of carbon ceramic
    • Revised Kart / superkart physics (tires, driveline)
    • Fixed errors in front tire tread for Fusca Classic FL
    • Fixed error on Super V8 Hard tire compound
    • Replaced Roco tire physics to better match the one from its P3 opponents
    • Slightly adjusted F-Classic G3M1 torque curve
    • Moved default brake bias slightly rearwards for F1 cars, Porsches, P1 cars (require setup reset)
    • Minor Procar Group A, Caterham, Porsche Cup & Superkart revisions (require setup reset)
    • Minor F-V10 G1 / Mclaren MP4-12 aero corrections to front wing yaw & pitch sensivity
    • Minor adjustments to default FFB (communicates rear end better from vehicle yaw rate developing on turn in and countersteer on rear tyres sliding)
    • Improved FFB damping function: it´s now non-linear with very little effect in small /slow steering inputs, more on really fast & bigger inputs
    • Reduced effects of tire flatspots on FFB


    • Added parameter to callibrate AI traction off the line on a wet surface vs player
    • Added parameter to control how far ahead AI cars factor lapped cars ahead per type of car
    • Adjusted AI performance on wet (both on slicks and wet tires), correcting some generally large discrepancies in each case
    • General AI performance callibration pass for all cars
    • Further adjustments to AI throttle application for various cars
    • Further adjustments to AI aggression scalars per car
    • Further reduced AI lateral jerkiness/weaving/abruptness
    • General AI callibration for various cars
    • Bumped AI aggression scalars, reduced AI extra awareness with human scalars to better exploit latest AI code developments & better raceability



    • Sprint Race: Improved off-throttle pops, further polished engine sound loops
    • Caterham Academy: Improved off-throttle pops, further polished engine sound loops



    • Spa: Minor art pass
    • VIR: Rebuilt collision walls to latest tandards; fixed disappearing pit guy for north pitlane layouts
    • Velo Citta: Added terrain shadow casters; minor corrections & fixes
    • Hockenheim: Reduced road mesh noise; Minor bug fixes; Updated TV cameras & added VR cameras to all layouts
    • Reduced road mesh noise for Goiania, Jerez, Velopark
    • Interlagos Historic: Minor bug fixes
    • Cascais: Reduced road mesh noise, Fixed a few LOD pop issues
    • Montreal Modern:Reduced road mesh noise; minor bug fixes
    • Brands Hatch: Reduced road mesh noise; minor bug fixes
    • Spielberg:Reduced road mesh noise, minor bug fixes
    • Adjusted drone animations & removed excessive number on some tracks



    • Added 8 new Chevette skins (10 in total)
    • Added street tire tread for external model of Camaro SS, McLaren F1, Ultima GTR, Copa Fusca, Opala 79 and Opala OldStock
    • Corrected headlights effect for Mclaren F1 GTR & BMW M6 GT3
    • Fixed kart LODs to avoid visible opponents legs popping
    • Further brake glow range adjustment to better match physics heating & cooling rates
    • F301 and F309: Improved cockpit windshield glass material and rain drops
    • Sprintrace: Added boot and wing to cockpit
    • Mini: Fixed wipers not working in cockpit view; Improved cockpit carbon material
    • Further adjusted backfire parameters (less backfiring when lifting off throttle)
    • Added visible onboard brake glow for cars with visible brake discs from cockpit
    • Gol Classic B: Corrected wrong number #94 now #65; 3 teammate skins added
    • Ginetta G40 Cup / GT5 livery updates to #05 #10 #28 #32 #38
    • Porsche 991 Cup 2: Fixed small glitch in cockpit model



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