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    rFactor 2: Build 342 - Update 18

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    Il team ISI ha finalmente rilasciato una nuova build ufficiale e stabile del suo rFactor 2: la build 342 in questione dovrebbe portare significativi miglioramenti grafici, oltre ad una prima versione del sistema di training dell'AI come visto in rF1. Per tutti i dettagli, download e commenti dle caso, fate riferimento a questo topic del forum.

    Info: This new build should see a major step update to visuals in rFactor 2. You may want to take a good look at your settings, as in some cases you might be able to use a lower setting for the look you are used to now, while those of you with super-systems can enjoy visuals not seen before. We have worked a way around the bug with USB in Microsoft Windows 8. Loss of controllers issues should be gone. Let us know. Only major known issue is that for night time racing, you may need to disable HDR to give you visibility. We simply had to get the wheel fixes out (which stopped users from running the sim entirely due to the bug in Windows 8).

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