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    Project CARS avanti tutta!

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    Build 764 (11/07/14, Team Member+) - 336.2 MB


    * XB1: RVM rendering uses uncompressed depth buffer

    * XB1: Envmap rendering uses uncompressed depth buffer

    * XB1: Fixup and honour the various Animation thread affinities

    * XB1: Use ESRAM for text rendering target + render directly to target


    * New setup for god rays coming in

    * Fixing error with previous frontend wtc check in

    * PC/XB1: Bone transform prefetching to improve d-cache misses with Skinned geometry

    * Minor adjustment to help with shadow fade distance causing some odd transitions between cascade 3 and 4


    * Updated menu background scene with latest work from Darren - testing wip scene for other work.


    * Fix AR-2006 Leaderboards - Ghost leaderboard does not display the full list


    * Save race progress dialog and gameflow in EOR quit

    * Career Championships: GT3 specific points system configured, to allow for bonus point allocation for pole position.

    * Career Championships: GT4 series progression hooked up. Player needs to complete any one of the regional series in top 3 to progress to the championship.


    * Added Interface GetGarageLocation access

    * Formula Rookie: AI tire model, gearshift tolerances, default setup tweaks, heat & wear model

    * Fix Player car being hit by AI on the start line if he starts in first place and doesn't move at start

    * Link the AI skill system to the data files for App control of what AI skills will be in a race ( AI personalities / skills )

    * New in-game pit stop screens: Triggers new menu when pit stops are entered, allows access to pit stop strategy screens, and to set AI driver


    * M1 Procar & Group 5 cars: Finished heat & wear model. AI tire and setup tuning

    * New tires for Formula Rookie, GT3, GT4, LMP1, LMP2, Clio Cup, FB CR2, McLaren F1, Sauber C9, M1 Procar, Group 5, FG1000, Group A


    * Renault Megane RS: Cockpit display

    * Ginetta G40: Cockpit display added

    * Ford Sierra RS500: LOD tweaks to reduce popping

    * Ford Mustang Boss 302R1: Further LOD optimization to reduce popping

    * Mercedes A45 AMG: Updated Wiper meshes.Wiper Animation/ Rain setup done.

    * Ford Escort Mk1: Made windscreen reflections brighter, capped cockpit underside

    * RUF RGT8 GT3: Cockpit DDS texture. Intial check in. Steering wheel DDS texture. Intial check in.

    * RUF CTR3: Made windscreen reflections brighter, capped cockpit underside, fixed AO on LODX wheels

    * LMP RWD P30: Made windscreen reflections brighter, fixed windscreen normals, merged doors to chassis (except on LODX)

    * McLaren F1: All LOD levels updated, small adjustment to lower the car, added LODX, updated collision with boot object, wheels dds texture - little update on valve hole position, misc dds texture - new texture replacing previous one, badges dds texture - new texture replacing previous one


    * Oulton Park: Added ground csm to pit garages

    * Bathurst: Updates road broad and detail and fine skidmarks, texturemap refined for gridwalls and dirtedges added, tyrewall map improved fixed QA1853, 3D skyring for far distan mountains and terrain added

    Known issues:

    - Replays in MP: Working but you can't watch saved replays

    - Player loses control of the car after accessing the Setup and Strategy.

    - Black particles appear sometimes on screen

    - Beware of crashes happening in x64 MT, report them in the specific build thread.

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