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    KartSim Development Update

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    On the development front, the porting to Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) has gone extremely smoothly and we've incorporated your feedback/ideas that we received on the Greenlight trailer. You can now bend the chassis permanently as well as be thrown from the kart as a ragdoll if you hit hard enough. We've also added breakable tyre stacks.The switch across engines has also yielded a massive performance boost. The tyre model alone now runs 476% faster than it does in Unity primarily due to the increased performance offered from C++ vs C#.

    We've also started work on the Go Kart Club of Victoria's Todd Road track which you can see scan data from below. Screenshots from UE4 to come!

    Finally, we've been testing the original Unity prototype with a number of fans we selected from the page with fantastic feedback. As much as I'd like to invite everyone to participate, the inability to obfuscate/protect the source code in the Unity version has meant holding off the release until the UE4 version is ready. We're not far off moving the testing to the final UE4 version at which point we'll invite more fans to join the beta testing as we move toward the full release!

    Again apologies for the length of time between updates. I'll be adding footage from the UE4 version showing off the new features soon.

    Zach Griffin


    10636315_10154634955650484_4834889274388416732_n.jpg?oh=3602db763737a96269d641a0510440b5&oe=54BF3866&__gda__=1422794717_b199754f39c8e77edea7ef9b8897aca8 10456786_10154634955415484_9164095396937271290_n.jpg?oh=070c746a4153f138c73d50b319965653&oe=54CF73B8&__gda__=1422218827_80850c52c16df1c94e4f2020a45f8676 10610692_10154634954690484_2093757194966168165_n.jpg?oh=286dc745102d8d55f043986b0f934f62&oe=54C7D22D

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