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Quanto conta il setup?

Scopriamo quanto conta davvero un assetto auto ideale e come influisce su vettura e pilota.
Il setup nel simracing

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    iRacing Development Update maggio 2024

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    Un nuovo iRacing Development Update dedicato al mese di maggio 2024 è stato pubblicato sul sito ufficiale dagli sviluppatori.


    iracing 2.jpg


    Upcoming Content

    Here is a quick update on a few content projects that are in the works…

    • Check out the included images of Spa. it’s-happening-dot-gif, folks. Production work is underway!
    • Zolder is being fully remastered and will be released in September.  
    • We’re working on a Mini Stock for September.
    • We re-scanned Sonoma several weeks back, and the next day the pavement came up in testing. Typical iRacing luck; we’ll be back. This is part of our initiative to refresh all of our NASCAR tracks.
    • As Dale Jr. shared on Twitter and social, but some may have missed, we’ll be releasing a proper Gen 4 car based on the 2003 season. We’ll include both the intermediate body and the speedway/SS body. That year holds a special place in many of our hearts…
    • We’re working to revitalize Dirt Road racing with a better car(s) to enter the discipline with and a handful of fun new dirt configs. Some patience will be required here, and we sure know that a lot of patience has been involved already. More info #soon.
    • More often than not, if you see us photographing a car or track out in the world, it’s coming #soon. And man, we’ve been caught red-handed a lot lately. Time to start wearing disguises   
    • Lots of cool things percolating in Australia. More info #soon.
    • Last time I mentioned our plan to return to England for track scanning. Our team has been busy these past several weeks and have captured drone, photo, and scan reference at three different circuits.
    • Regarding the “shocking” vehicle that I teased last time. Many thought that my use of the word shocking was an intentional pun and hint. I am not that creative, and it was a coincidence! Actually, now that I think about it, we have multiple vehicle-related projects that will propel iRacing to areas not yet explored! Wait, was that a pun?!

    Come di consueto sono tante le novità in arrivo ed i lavori in corso, come ad esempio ben tre nuovi circuiti: Circuito de Navarra, Sachsenring e Oswego Speedway.




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