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Best of 2021

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  • F1 2021 Codemasters: rilasciata la nuova patch v1.07

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    Continua l'opera di miglioramento di F1 2021 da parte di Codemasters, che ha rilasciato l'aggiornamento 1.07 su PC e PlayStation, mentre arriverà presto sulle console Xbox.


    Patch 1.07 is out now on PC and PlayStation®, and coming to Xbox very soon. Check out what's in this patch below:

    • Addressed an issue where Xbox users could fail to join an online session with error WS10004
    • Re-enabled 3D audio for PS5 headsets and addressed the underlying issue
    • F2™ races that finish due to the 1-hour time limit no longer result in the incorrect positions being awarded
    • Fixed an issue where driver stats were reset to baseline stats and not taking upgrades into consideration
    • Addressed an issue where players could start a lap ahead at certain tracks
    • Distort sponsor will now correctly pay out the sponsor bonus after achieving the goals
    • Driver name filters have been updated for career
    • Addressed an issue where audio could drop out during an extended play period
    • The vehicle halo will no longer have low shadow resolution
    • Fanatec advanced paddle module top paddles will now be correctly recognised
    • Addressed an issue with saturated characters in the background of meet the press sequences with HDR enabled
    • Closing the game during the season transition in MyTeam no longer results in the user having no team name, engine supplier or sponsor
    • Viewing a highlight or replay after a race no longer causes game resolution to change on ultrawide screens
    • Addressed an issue where users could have negative resource points
    • DRS Beep audio level has been increased
    • AI will no longer overtake the safety car when it is ending
    • Collision setting will now be retained if changed between sessions
    • Addressed an issue where the ERS deploy setting could display “To Do”
    • UDP: m_resultStatus no longer shows as active after the race has finished
    • UDP: Correct number of laps now shown in final classification
    • UDP: Session history information from previous session is no longer sent following a restart
    • UDP: LapHistoryData will now be correctly sent for an active car following a retirement
    • On-Demand leagues can now turn AI reserves off
    • Very Short has been added to the session length filter in social play
    • Ability to hide the menu when customising camera settings has been re-added
    • Added quality options and sharpening slider for DLSS
    • Rebalanced chapters 3, 5, 9 and 12 on Challenging difficulty in Braking Point
    • Rebalanced chapters 3, 5 and 12 on Hard difficulty in Braking Point
    • General stability improvements
    • Various minor fixes



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