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    Assetto Corsa: update 1.15 e Ferrari 70th Anniversary Pack disponibili!

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    La Kunos Simulazioni ha appena rilasciato per il suo Assetto Corsa il nuovo aggiornamento che porta il simulatore italiano alla versione 1.15, con l'implementazione di varie novità, molte delle quali richieste dai modders, alcune migliorie e bugfix. Inoltre è disponibile da oggi tramite Steam il nuovo DLC denominato Ferrari 70th Anniversary Pack, contenente ben 7 nuove Ferrari su licenza, compresa la nuovissima SF70H di Formula 1 di Vettel e Raikkonen! Per commenti e dettagli fate riferimento a questo topic del forum.

    Assetto Corsa - Ferrari 70th Anniversary Pack
    The Ferrari 70th Anniversary Celebration Pack introduces seven iconic cars, one of which has been chosen by our community. Gamers have voted in your thousands: coming out on top with over 15% of the total votes, we're pleased to announce that the SF70H, the sixteenth car produced by Ferrari to compete in the F1 World Championship, has been included in the Ferrari 70th Anniversary Celebration Pack. The package as a whole will include a selection of seven of the most iconic cars ever produced by the Italian car manufacturer through its glorious history, which joins the amazing line-up of Ferrari models already available in the simulation.
    The Ferrari 70th Anniversary pack will introduce the following models:
    MY 1962 250 GTO
    MY 1967 330 P4
    MY 1967 312/67
    MY 1984 GTO
    MY 2004 F2004
    MY 2017 812 Superfast
    MY 2017 SF70H


    UPDATE 1.15
    - New Ferrari 250 GTO (Ferrari Anniversary Pack)
    - New Ferrari (288) GTO (Ferrari Anniversary Pack)
    - New Ferrari 312 F1-67 (Ferrari Anniversary Pack)
    - New Ferrari 330 P4 (Ferrari Anniversary Pack)
    - New Ferrari F2004 (Ferrari Anniversary Pack)
    - New Ferrari 812 Superfast (Ferrari Anniversary Pack)
    - New Ferrari SF70H (Ferrari Anniversary Pack)
    - Templates for Ferrari 250 GTO, GTO, 312 F1-67, 330 P4 and 812 Superfast
    - Official Kaspersky team livery added for Ferrari 488 GT3
    - Updated template for Ferrari 488 GT3 (related to rear wing shape, it might affect a low % of mod skins)
    - Alpinestars gloves are introduced in Porsche cars
    - Fixed reflection issue on Corvette C7R skins
    - Minor graphical and skin-related fixes across all content
    - Updated Lotus 49 minimum weight
    - Updated Mazda RX-7 Spirit R rear wing setup and aero figures
    - Added automatic Force Feedback configuration for old wheels (ie MS Sidewinder)
    - MODDING REQUEST: Added blanket temperature to tyres.ini under [ADDITIONAL1] BLANKETS_TEMP
    - MODDING REQUEST: Added pressure vs temperature gain in tyres.ini. under [ADDITIONAL1] PRESSURE_TEMPERATURE_GAIN
    - MODDING REQUEST: Added camber spread tweak value in tyres.ini under [ADDITIONAL1] CAMBER_TEMP_SPREAD_K (AC default is 1.4, higher numbers=more spread)
    - MODDING REQUEST: Added new LUT based system to handle camber D variations. Example, (for every compound):
    This will override DCAMBER_0/1 behavior (values still need to be there tho)
    - MODDING REQUEST: Added explicit inertia instead of box based. Use
    in car.ini
    - Suspension travel is now recorded at 166Hz in telemetry
    - Fixed AI not exiting pitlane at full speed in some cases
    - Added "ABS" FF enhancement effect
    - Added FF enhancement effects controls ingame in the "Force Feedback Controller" app
    - Added track models ini checksum on server. In order to gain full protection from cheating the server needs to include kn5 files
    - Added optional COMBINED_FACTOR value per compound. Thanks to Stereo & Jackson Papageorge (mclarenf1papa)!
    - MODDING REQUEST: Added variable throttle response as function of RPM. Add:

    to engine.ini. throttle.lut will be used for 0 RPM and whatever LUT you specify will be used at RPM_REFERENCE
    - MODDING REQUEST: Added progressive bump stop rate. In suspensions.ini under [FRONT] and [REAR] add BUMP_STOP_PROGRESSIVE . Look for "Using progressive bump rate..." in the log for confirmation




























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