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    Assetto Corsa: Update #1 disponibile

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    Assetto Corsa - Development Update #1 - Three new cars, two tracks and new features!

    After a groundbreaking start on Steam Early Access for the new PC racing title Assetto Corsa. The development team have been working furiously on the delivering next release which is available for free on the 22nd November. The new version includes; new features, new drift mode, 3 new cars and 2 new tracks!

    This update also features several improvements. A new enhanced force feedback mode, new environments for showroom mode and several predefined profiles for gamepad and steering wheels. We have also included German and Spanish localisation.

    New tracks:

    Mugello Circuit

    The awesome Italian circuit has been meticulously reproduced using laser scanning technology, allowing you to feel every bump, kerb and detail with the maximum fidelity.

    Assetto Dorifto

    This fictional environment has been designed to appeal not just to drift fans, but to all car-control fans: Featuring multiple layouts allowing you to showcase your sideways skills.

    The cars

    Lotus 2 Eleven

    P4/5 Competizione - Scuderia Cameron-Glickenaus

    Pagani Zonda R

    Also featuring:

    New car liveries

    New showroom - Industrial

    New showroom selection

    New controller profiles

    New car mode selection: Default, Step1

    Game modes


    With racing game fans raving about Assetto Corsa's authenticity, drift mode takes advantage of the flexible ultra realistic physics model, to seamlessly recreate the experience of drifting. No physics tweaks, no strange tyre calculations, just pure driving joy.

    Enter Drift mode!

    Gain points by drifting to the extreme! Drift at outrageous angles, create smoke and receive bonus points for style and combos. Get enough points before the countdown ends and level up! It's addictive, thrilling and fun and it's all made possible by Assetto Corsa advanced physics engine. Just think of the replays!

    Six new special events, featuring new content are included in this first update, we look forward to providing more compelling cars, tracks and features over the following weeks.


    Early Access 0.2

    - Achievement, stats fixed and updated, you can read them using SteamStatisticsReader

    - Added Pagani Zonda R

    - Added P4/5 Competizione Scuderia Cameron-Glickenhaus

    - Added Lotus 2 Eleven

    - Added Mugello Circuit

    - Added Drift Track

    - Added M3 E30 Step 1 upgrade

    - Added M3 E92 Step 1 upgrade

    - Added M3 E92 Drift upgrade

    - Added Z4 35is Step 1 upgrade

    - Updated M3 E30 power curve

    - Updated tyre model for all cars

    - Updated tyre wear for slicks tyres

    - Fixed TC not working after change of tyre compound

    - Implemented non linear speedometer (BMW M3 E92)

    - LOCALIZATION FILES NOW MUST BE encoded as [uTF-8 no BOM]

    - acs.exe Localization now reads from INIReaderW, localization files updated

    - problems related to windows user names with strange characters solved

    - update showroom & showroom localization

    - x360 rumble intensity multiplier

    - new drift mode, it is based on score and time not laps

    - sectors status in time transponder is reset after each lap

    - Driver Eyes Positioner is Default app (localization added)

    - Fixed replay loading with cars (wing problem)

    - Fixed replay GUI (slider)

    - Fixed turbo still producing boost even after fuel went zero

    - Better engine coast at near minimum rpm, no need half gas to move the needle anymore

    - Implemented "FF Enhancements"

    - Improved AA algorithm selection

    - New gamma curves for power and coast audio samples

    - Reverb effect removed

    - New default volumes preset

    - Engine volume tweaked for all cars

    - Backfire samples tweaked for all cars (that have them)

    - Rumble strip, tyre rolling, tyre scrubs and wind samples tweaked

    - BMW M3 e30 interior sounds improved

    - BMW M3 e30 fixed missing gearshift sounds

    - BMW M3 GT2 interior and exterior sounds improved

    - Tatuus FA01 interior sounds improved

    - KTM X-Bow interior sounds improved

    - Ferrari 458 Italia overall engine pitch tweaked

    - Lotus 49 interior sounds improved

    - Lotus Elise SC and Scura engine and compressor volume levels tweaked

    - Control presets support added in control config

    - Launcher defaults to software rendering mode - option added for GPU acceleration

    - Added localization for german and spanish languages

    - Added extra options for control configuration of FFB, Xbox360 pads and keyboard

    - Added support and UI selection for car upgrades

    - Added selection for showrooms

    - Added drift mode selection

    - Added drift session results display

    - Fix for possible crash in certain control configuration timing (device permissions revoked during control binding)

    - Replay saving button will now work when returning from a session to a modal view of the session results.

    - Exiting from scrollable content window will now center properly.

    - Car info modal window scales for lower vertical resolution screens.

    - PB grid now supports deleting entries and starts from a zoomed-out state.

    - Added a zoom toggle button to the PB grid.

    - Ghostcar toggling fixed.

    - Warning for dual gpu users added when the launcher has been set to start with a discrete GPU.

    - Stricter thread and file permission checking.

    - Potential fix for flickering of modal windows in some setups.

    - Potential fix for a startup deadlock situation.

    - Game-related newsfeed now displays news items inside the launcher added an unread item notification.

    Early Access 0.1.2 - update 1

    - Added visual studio dll and pdb to override suspicious failing installs

    - Tweaked default audio levels

    Early Access 0.1.2

    - Improved Force Feedback by removing redundant traffic

    - Default FF rate is back to maximum

    - Fixed autoclutch not fast enough to act as antistall when stopping the car in first gear

    - Fixed problem when loading replays

    - Added a change log :)

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