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    Assetto Corsa: DRM Revival mod v1.32 disponibile

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    Il DRM Modding Team ha rilasciato per Assetto Corsa la nuova versione aggiornata del suo apprezzatissimo DRM Revival Mod, che con la nuova release 1.32, oltre ad una lunga serie di upgrades e bugfix, ci porta con sè miglioramenti specifici alla grafica, al suono e alla fisica.

    Potete acquistare il mod per 15 euro a questo link, mentre per discussioni fate riferimento al forum dedicato.

    drm revival.JPG


    Hello fans,
    you haven't heard from us for a long time, that "real" life leaves less and less time for our beloved hobby. But enough of words.
    Here is now, our last update to the DRM REVIVAL MOD in version 1.32 for Assetto Corsa, with many changes and improvements to the graphics, sound and physics. 
    With version 1.32 we have reached our goal. 
    We hope that this new version will also please you, who have enjoyed the DRM REVIVAL MOD for over  5 years, and will you get back inside the brutal Group 5 cars.

    IMPORTANT : Please delete the old version and/or make a backup 

    Visit us on

    • 20 different cars (12 car models in a total of 20 configurations)
    • nearly all cars come up with individual physics and sounds
    • featuring fully detailed car models
    • each car has 4 LOD levels for a perfect performance at online races
    • visible damage with wobbling parts and scratches
    • mechanical damage: Kill the engine with over revs on downshift or driving too long with too much boost!
    • visible transition from a clean to a dirty car
    • animated parts like shifter, exhaust, engine parts, mirror, wipers and more
    • adjustable turbo boost over all race sessions
    • different pit stop times for changing the tires, suspension and car body repair and the refuel time
    • implementation of cold and hot brakes and tire
    • three tire compounds for short and long distances and a rain tire for wet tracks
    • support for the shader patch dynamic light (wiper, rain tread, individual head, tail and brake lights)



    GRAPHICS: reworked LOD for C and D, optimazing meshes and object count, spare more than 45.000 polys and some textures
    GRAPHICS: change the black wheels for LOD D with new mapping on the skin 
    GRAPHICS: working gauge for oil-pressure, oil-temp, fuel-pressure (only  CSP)
    GRAPHICS: reworked textures for the dials/gauge with better resolution 
    GRAPHICS: refraction and selflightning headlights 
    GRAPHICS: added new shader and material settings for the cars (only CSP)
    GRAPHICS: exhaust smoke like the turbo vehicles of the time (only CSP)
    PHYSICS:  removed rain tire, use the tire from the csp extended physics
    PHYSICS:  modified CoG all cars for more movement
    PHYSICS:  change tire explosion temperature from 180 to 230 Celsius

    PURIANO 1H / 1H 2
    GRAPHICS: fixed missing rear window bars on LOD A
    GRAPHICS: fixed the headlights for LOD B,C 
    GRAPHICS: new texture for the steeringwheel
    GRAPHICS: reworked rear light
    SOUND: reworked sound with more effects (inside/outside)

    PURIANO 3H / 3H 2
    PHYSICS: added the "Gurney Flap" into the aero rear wing section
    GRAPHICS: fixed the rear transparent grille
    SOUND: reworked sound with more effects

    RMT 1N
    GRAPHICS: modfied flames direction 
    PHYSICS: reduce slipping clutch
    PHYSICS: modified suspension on front and rear
    PHYSICS: corrected aero position (body, front, rear )  

    RMT 121 / 1-3 
    GRAPHICS: inside surface of the tires for LOD C closed
    GRAPHICS: fixed the wrong banner for LOD B/C at the RMT 121_3
    GRAPHICS: fixed error in the flames.ini
    GRAPHICS: fixed  mapping of the headlights in LOD B,C
    SOUND: new inside sound and added effects for the outside sound
    PHYSICS: added 0,2 bar turbo boost between 5.800 and 6.500 U/min
    PHYSICS: reworked suspension and fixed some issues
    PHYSICS: fixed the front and rear wing position
    PHYSICS: change the brake parameter (bias, heating, torque)
    PHYSICS: reworked aero parameter for body, front and rear wing (drag, lift) 

    GRAPHICS: smooth mesh of the steeringwheel
    GRAPHICS: reworked flames, shift light and brake light
    PHYSICS: optimized collider
    PHYSICS: added some more drag to the rear wing 
    PHYSICS: softer rear suspension ( bump and rebound  )
    PHYSICS: corrected aero position (body, front, rear )
    SOUND: reworked transmission sound 

    SOUND: new inside and outside sound 
    PHYSICS: new AI parameter

    CARMA 1 / 2
    GRAPHICS: texture improvements for the rear wing
    GRAPHICS: fixed wrong mapping of the rear frame
    GRAPHICS: new rearlight and brakelight
    GRAPHICS: reworked rim texture ( Carma 1 )
    PHYSICS: optimized collider
    PHYSICS: reworked rear wing aero 
    PHYSICS: corrected intertia 
    PHYSICS: corrected aero position (body, front, rear ) 

    GRAPHICS: fixed the rear transparent grille
    GRAPHICS: corrected gauge light 
    GRAPHICS: fixed dash texture
    PHYSICS: added the "Gurney Flap" into the aero rear wing section
    PHYSICS: reworked rear aero
    PHYSICS: reworked suspension for more ffb feedback

    GRAPHICS: fixed the headlight option in the setup ( change headlight )
    PHYSICS: stiffer front spring and bump rates 
    PHYSICS: modified inertia

    PHYSICS: modified inertia
    PHYSICS: modified brake torque and performance curve
    PHYSICS: fixed ai upshift rpm

    DRM 1.jpg

    drm 3.jpg




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