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Qui tutte le monoposto by Virtual Racing Cars


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Presa pure questa qui .3 dollari per una singola auto son un pò tantini ma non poteva mancare laFW19 1997  campione del mondo con JV.

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  • 10 months later...

VRC is proud to announce that the release of the Formula NA package is set for this Friday 22nd, so here is everything you should know about it:
What will be included in the package ?

This first release will include:
Formula NA 1999 (Road and Oval versions)
Formula NA 2012 (Road and Oval versions)
VRC SouthStar Motorspeedway Track

The Formula NA 2018 car will be added to the package really soon, and all Formula NA Package owners will be getting it.
There will also be another track added to the pack which we will be announcing soon.
Why is the formula NA 2018 not included in this first release ?
We judged that the the car was not ready four our standards yet, the model delivery was delayed earlier this month due to some unexpected circumstances.

How much will it cost ? and where can i get it ?
Formula NA 1999 (Road and Oval versions): 4.5U$D
Formula NA 2012 (Road and Oval versions): 4.5U$D
The VRC southstar track: 4.5U$D

Those who want the full package with the Formula NA 2018 (pre release) can get it for a price of 15U$D.
RD premium users can get this same package for a price of 10U$D! So if you're not a RaceDepartment Premium Member yet, this is your chance!
We hope that you will enjoy this package, and we can't wait for your feedback for future updates. We would like also to thank you for your patience!


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che dire capolavoro assoluto dal punto di vista dei modelli 3d e skins per quanto rigurda la fisica mi astengo dal dare un giudizio perchè ho fatto davvero pochissimi giri ma la fisica delle auto sembra nata bene, speriamo che sfornino qualche auto di F1 moderna tipo la Mercedes d F1 2018 o di qualche annata precdente ma sempre con il motore ibrido

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Provata quella bellissima mod, graficamente non è male anche se ci sono ancora molte piccole imperfezioni ma nulla di non risolvibile, la fisica è molto buona risponde bene hai comandi e si sente bene il ffb ma la chicca è il circuito che ti lasciano insieme al pacchetto che è davvero ben fatto specialmente quello notturno che sarà ben presto aggiornato con le luci dinamiche, una vera libidine. Da avere assolutamente per gli amanti delle ruote scoperte

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  • VELOCIPEDE changed the title to [AC] F1 1997 (F310B - FW19) by VRC modding

What a better way to start the week than with some great news!

We have been hard at work with our Formula Lithium project lately. As some of you might know Assetto Corsa doesn't support a number of characteristics that make those cars so special, so we have been working alongside Ilja Jusupov (Shaders Patch creator) to add some features that will allow our mod to match more closely its real counterpart.
Talking about that, in this new electrical series all is about battery consumption, management, regeneration and autonomy, so the mod is going to be released alongside an app that will allow you to properly monitor your race and driving.

On top of that, we are happy to announce the release of a new beta iteration for both 1997 cars, the F310B and FW19! Featuring some major updates and highly closing their gaps to reach V1.0. Some more news, screenshots and videos coming soon!



vrc modding.jpg

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  • VELOCIPEDE changed the title to Qui tutte le monoposto by Virtual Racing Cars

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