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KartKraft Build updates


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  • Added: Wheel profiles now support digital inputs to analog actions, so it's now possible to bind camera look, clutch, brake, throttle to buttons/paddles
  • Added: Sunny/cloudy weather option is now hooked up to time of day
  • Added: HUD vehicle radar and live placings can now be hidden and moved via mouse
  • Added: Triple screen support. (Please give us feedback or suggestions if you have trouble setting this up)
  • Changed: Binding process is slightly clearer. Binding menu now displays 'press to bind...' when input is being detected
  • Changed: HUD sector times now display individual sectors rather than cumulative time
  • Fixed certain wheel and pedal setups failing to be detected. Increased number of direct input devices from 8 to 64
  • Fixed crash when changing opponent volume slider while racing
  • Fixed crash caused by using Oculus Touch controllers in main menu
  • Fixed bad VR camera post race results sequence
  • Fixed bug where ghost vehicle would continue driving after being defeated in timetrial
  • Fixed occasional motion blur glitches in some cameras
  • Fixed bug which caused only a maximum of ten AI opponents to be available. Up to 15 opponents should now be possible. (this is not quite fixed...)
  • Fixed bad motion blur on rotating parts 
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  • Walker™ changed the title to KartKraft Build updates




  • Improved: Wheel input binding now displays more information and requires a button press to reduce errors caused by timing
  • Added: Numpad keys can be used in photomode
  • Added: Can now use left/right keyboard navigation in the input menu
  • Added: Can now drag and hide the live placings HUD item in time trial mode
  • Fixed bug where chosen monitor setting was not saved
  • Fixed bug where ghost volume would be ignored if set in main menu
  • Fixed occasional motion blur corruption in chase camera
  • Fixed overlapping vehicles in post race podium sequence
  • Fixed VR camera rotating incorrectly at the end of cinematic sequences such as the post race restart menu.
  • Fixed bug where incorrect number of AI drivers would appear in a race

As always, we're reading all of your posts, reviews and comments and are addressing your issues as fast as we can. If you would like to support KartKraft even more and help it turn it into the game we all want it to be, we'd love to read your honest Steam reviews which let's us see where to focus our development efforts.


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Build is now live! Please restart Steam if you do not see the update.

New Features

The IAME KA100 class has been added to KartKraft. With 22HP and a maximum RPM of 15,000, the new class uses the medium grip MG Red tyre and requires very precise and smooth inputs to achieve good lap times. We look forward to your feedback on the new class.

Tyre Model
 The tyre model has been updated to include a 3D thermodynamic model that simulates the heat transfer between the asphalt, contact patch, tread, pressurised air and rim. No longer static, the entire carcass and tread around the circumference of the tyre is affected by contact pressure and sliding friction which results in localised hotspots and the new ability to overheat the tyre if driving and sliding too hard. Future updates will include different rim materials that allow for better dissipation of heat and more stable changes in pressure.  A visualisation of the 3D tread has been added to the HUD. Note: Existing setups will need to be updated to extract the maximum performance from the new model.

The calculation of forces being applied to the steering column has been improved resulting in a much more refined signal and smoother driving experience.

GKCV Reverse
The reverse layout of GKCV has been added which presents a different challenge with the blind uphill entry to turn 1.
Setup parameters now show their respective units. i.e PSI, Degrees etc
HUD elements are now zoomable and moveable using mouse wheel
Fixed crash when changing gear ratios on the KZ2 class of karts
Kerb response has been improved with a reduced likelihood of flipping



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Build is now live! Please restart Steam if you do not see the update.

Fixes Temporarily removed collision on cones to avoid crash in KA100 time trial
Reduced cornering stiffness of MG Yellow tyres
Fixed issue with Face Off and Minimal options in KA100 events.
It’s no longer possible to enter X30 in KA100 events Fixed incorrect manufacturer on OK1 KA100 Karts

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Build is now live! Please restart Steam if you do not see the update.

We're back with another update and arguably the biggest change to the handling of the karts since the launch of KartKraft. What began as an analysis of tyre loads when riding over kerbs, quickly became a much deeper investigation into the damping response of the tyres with respect to the rate of change of steering input. This uncovered a bug in the method used to calculate the damping velocity of the tyre and after it was resolved, we witnessed much more consistent loads across varying steering input rates of change. As such, all tyres/classes have been re-tuned with the result being an improved and much more natural driving feel that allows you to lean on the tyres during cornering, trail brake and lap consistently with more detailed force feedback.

We've also been working with Valve to investigate and fix the issues causing some players' wheels not being detected by KartKraft despite Steam Input being disabled both by the player and in the steam game backend. Valve has now released a patch for Steam and we have made changes that should resolve this for all players. Despite the good news however, this change does require all controllers to be rebound.


  • Improved implementation of Minimum Force for wheel force feedback
  • Improved FFB algorithm
  • Added basic support for Logitech Wheel LED lights
  • Reduced stopping force of gravel traps
  • Setup parameters now display the significant digit when set to values below 1. i.e 0.1 rather than .1
  • Fixed bug where controller would receive force feedback when wheel is being used and vice versa
  • Fixed tyre damping bug that caused incorrect loads when cornering
  • Improved tyre and handling model for KA100, X30 and KZ2 classes
  • Fixed issue where Steam would steal Direct Input wheel control away from the game. This change will require you to rebind your wheel
  • Added frame identifier to UDP telemetry. Telemetry clients can now validate telemetry frames using KartKraft.Frame.FrameBufferHasIdentifier(bytes)
  • Fix for wheel input being overridden by Steam when user has Steam Input enabled
  • HUD now shows vehicle class
  • Fixed leaderboard not updating after exit of time trial event
  • Easy/Medium AI retuned to make them easier
  • Fixed crash when adjusting KZ2 drivetrain sprocket teeth.
  • Fixed AI vehicles sometimes failing to load
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A small update with the following improvements:

- Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to press keyboard key whilst binding wheel.
- Fixed physics glitches when respawning in pits after restarting a completed race.
- Possible fix for some misbehaving logitech wheels due to USB flooding.
- Added a new input setting to enable or disable RPM shifter lights for Logitech wheels. (More wheels with LED lights will be added in future.)
- Players are now prevented from gaining extra speed at start of PFI time trial events. Laps commencing using run-off area wiill be marked invalid.
- Reduced possibility of AI-controlled vehicles spinning after teleporting with cold tyres.

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Build is now live! Please restart Steam if you do not see the update. Another small update with the following improvements:

- Reduced load sensitivity of MG Yellow tyres
- Reduced default brake strength for newly purchased KA100 vehicles so braking is much easier to control
- Fixed bug where some wheels would auto-centre when using a 180 degree steer limit
- Fixed input errors when attempting to play using gamepad with a correctly bound but unplugged steering wheel
- Fixed some glitches in input settings menu when using wheel controls
- Fixed some undesirable wheel forces when retiring from race
- Added a 2sec fade in for FFB when transitioning to driving. (This will be improved for rolling/flying starts in a future update.)
- Added a mild FFB soft-lock at steering wheel limits
- Added a debug launch option -DebugUDPTelemetry. If set, all telemetry will be logged to project_k.log for debugging problems with motion rigs. Warning: use sparingly, and remember to turn it off, as it can result in very large log files.

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Build is now live! Please restart Steam if you do not see the update.

Today's update contains the following improvements:
- Fixed font issue for languages other than English. Main menu option fonts will look different but are now legible. Nicer fonts and translations are slated for the future.
- Added more telemetry output: Vehicle world position, session elapsed time, session name, track name, track address, track country code.
- Added the ability to manually drive in to the pits during practice sessions.

- Improved VR input for menus. Menus now default to using mouse, with an option to switch to gaze input available in Settings > VR.
- Added new setting to fine tune world scale in VR. Use this setting only if the world feels "wrong" to you. Default of 100% should be correct for 99% of people. Available in Settings > VR.
- Added an option to switch between Headphones (head-tracked) and Speaker (non-head-tracked) mode for audio. Available in Settings > VR.
- Fixed a bug which caused VR settings to be invisible.

- Fixed issue preventing the ability to bind G27 clutch pedal.
- Improved FFB fade in when returning to driving. Now much faster and more direct.

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Build is now live! Please restart Steam if you do not see the update. This hotfix will require all users to rebind their inputs if using a steering wheel. (This is most likely the last time you'll ever need to do this.)

- DirectInput binding storage format changed. Fixes issues when binding some Fanatec wheel/pedal combinations.
- Added a menu asking if you would like to bind your wheel if a device is detected and no binding found.

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  • 2 months later...

As we approach the release of the Karting Genk circuit, we’re taking a quick pit stop to update Unreal Engine to take full advantage of the new quality of life and performance fixes in 4.25 and 4.26. This build also adds support for head tracking using TrackIR. The full changelist can be found after the break.


  • Updated Engine to 4.25
  • Added support for head tracking using TrackIR
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the ability to bind brake input to gamepad

Please restart Steam if you do not see the update.

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