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The last time they raced the Havana Grand Prix was back in 1960. Now you get to race there once more on 3 layouts that will take you through the old-town, down the Malecon, and around the classic El Capitolio.

Find out more here: https://pcars.games/havana


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The Chevrolet Corvette C8.R is the racing version of the new mid-engine Corvette in Project CARS 3. Big wings, big aero, a naturally aspirated 5.5-liter V-8 pushing 500—restricted—horses, and a flat-plane shaft that spins revs for fun.

Time to play in the big leagues.


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Matchmaking in Project CARS 3 means every race you enter will see you line up on the grid against drivers that will be on your pace.

And that means you get the kind of online racing action you want every time you race.


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Alpine became a household name when the French manufacturer won the World Rally Championship in ’73 with the glorious Alpine A110. Synonymous with agile, high-performing, light cars, the brand returned in 2017 with a new Alpine A110 sports car and its GT4 runner. They’re both in Project CARS 3.



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Jerez is coming to Project CARS 3. The first F1 race there saw Senna beat Mansell by the closest (then) margin in history—0.14s. You’ll understand why once you get to grips with this narrow, flat, smooth, and technical circuit. The secret to a good lap time is finding your rhythm.


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