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[Assetto Corsa] modding cars by VRC Modding


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Da Facebook

Hello VRC Community. We are starting a new way to communicate with all of you by releasing a written roadmap about our current projects once a month. What is ahead and what you can look forward to will be the most important topics, however we want to try to give you a behind the scenes as well.

If you have been following us for a while now, you might have already heard about the Auriel 90. We are basically in the final stages to finish this project within May, so you will be able to race it alongside the Chevrette 28GTO of our own American Racing Championship pretty soon.

What is coming next? Well, we took some time to check our free released content for improvements and we figured out that we want to upgrade some of our oldest projects, so soon we will be sharing more news regarding the MP4/4, MP4/20 and F2007 which will be updated with all new 3D models.

We will be updating some of our premium content as well. The Formula North America 2018 will be receiving an updated 3D model and we will be extending the package with the 2020 version of the car! That meaning, everyone who has already bought the Formula NA Package will be getting a new car for free.

We will also be expanding our Prototypes roster, so stay tuned for further news.

We want to thank you for the ongoing support. We will get more into detail about the second part of our roadmap in June. By this time we wish you a happy time on track. We are hoping to see you back in June for more updates to come.




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VRC is really proud to announce the release of the American Racing Championship, Auriel 90GTO! 😁

This mod includes a BOP version of the car. BoP is a term that means Balance of Performance. This version of the Auriel 90GTO is balanced to race against VRC's Chevrette 28.

Please expect a Chevrette 28GTO update to be released really soon 😉

The original car runs a 6 speed manual gearbox. However by the rules of regulations back in the day, the car was running 5 gears only. The 6th gear was blocked therefore to comply with the regulations. We would like to inform, that we will support 5 gears as well, to replicate the time the car was running at its best.

-> https://vrc-modding-team.net/show/30

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We are really happy to announce our Chevrette 28GTO has been updated to V1.3!

-Improved rear lights textures.
-Reworked aeromap.
-Adjusted tyre grip and thermal model, increased longevity.
-Improved brakes.
-Adjusted engine damage threshold.

Get it at www.vrc.modding.team.net


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Da Facebook:

Merry Christmas everyone.

Virtual Racing Cars is very proud to release the ByCollin P1 for Assetto Corsa. 2020 has been a dificult year for all of us and we hope this car gives you a little time for some racing. However 2020 is not over yet and we might have something up on our sleeves.

Since we have not run any discounts this year we decided to round off this year with 40 % off on all our Premium Content inclusive all the packs we have released so far. Excluded of this promotion is the ByCollin P1. The promotion is valid from December 25th to January 2nd.


Prototype - ByCollin P1.jpg

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