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Hello there! It’s Chris here with some pretty exciting news for you lovely people…
At the end of May, we announced F1® Mobile Racing: a brand new mobile title, developed in partnership with Eden Games, bringing the official F1® games series to the free-to-play market for iOS and Android devices.
Since then, we have been working hard to perfect each aspect of the game as its soft launch phase begins. As you may’ve seen, this all kicked off with the game arriving in Thailand and the Philippines, with a work-in-progress version of the game available on the App Store in those territories.
We’ve heard you guys asking to see much more about the game and what to expect. Today, we’re pleased to reveal some key information about F1 Mobile Racing, as well as a trailer and screenshots! Let’s take a look…

Make sure you’re following the F1 Mobile Racing social channels on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Reddit, and keep checking into the Codies Blog as we reveal much more on the game. For now, though, let’s give you a taste of what to expect…

As with the F1 console titles, F1 Mobile Racing is a leader in its field for authenticity, stunning visuals and superb gameplay. On top of that, we’re bringing you some never-before-seen features and additions for the series. Want to find out more? Here are the headlines:
– CUSTOMISATION: Design the F1 car of your dreams through our detailed livery editor options. Edit multiple areas of your colour scheme and add stickers and other details to create a machine that looks as good as it drives.
– DEVELOPMENT AND UPGRADES: Win blueprints, research parts, and improve your car’s performance via a deep and detailed Research & Development system. Work on five different areas of your car and develop it into a fierce world-beater.
– REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER: Take your car and skills to the global stage and race against opponents all over the world in multiplayer Duel modes. Compete in three different formats and win races to advance to higher leagues, pitting you against the very best drivers.
– OFFICIAL F1: It all takes place within the exhilarating world of F1®, featuring all the teams, drivers and circuits of the 2018 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP®.
– INCREDIBLE GAMEPLAY: Experience the best visual and mechanical F1 experience to ever come to handheld devices. The unmistakable style and energy of F1 combines with great gameplay to bring you an incredible, immersive racer, wherever and whenever you want it.
As the current version of the game is early in our soft launch phase, it’s only a taste of what you can expect when F1 Mobile Racing launches globally, later this year, on iOS devices and shortly after for Android. The team here are taking on player feedback and constantly fine-tuning the game, so expect to see it grow and flourish even more in the coming weeks!
During that time, we’ll be giving you guys plenty more insight into F1 Mobile Racing – from more in-game content and quotes from the team, to livestreams and walkthroughs of modes and features.



Fonte Codemasters

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F1® Mobile Racing – Announcing the 2019 Season Update

New look. New content. Same goal. With Update 5 for F1® Mobile Racing, we’re #ChangingTheGame. 

F1® Mobile Racing gives you the FIRST chance to take your place in the 2019 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™, as the official team liveries, driver helmets and updated circuits are added to the free-to-play handheld game, available on iOS and Android.

Once Update 5 arrives, compete against the 2019 grid in all modes, lining up on the grid against new talents like Lando Norris and George Russell, as well as superstars like Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. Want to follow in the footsteps of those drivers? Head to the in-game Shop to grab any of the helmets, or add any of the 10 team liveries to your F1® Regulation Car – the F1-TR19.

Team liveries from the previous season will be removed, but for existing Mobile Racing players who have already purchased a livery, they will receive the corresponding 2019 team livery free of charge. For example, if you already own the 2018 Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport livery, the 2019 Mercedes colours will be waiting for you in your Garage after installing the new update! 2018 driver helmets will remain in the game, and you’ll retain any helmets you’ve purchased, but only the new helmets will be purchasable from Update 5.

Launch dates of updates are always subject to change, though we’re aiming for Update 5 to be live at the very beginning of May. It’s the biggest step forward for the game since last year’s launch, so get yourselves ready to change the game.


It’s been an incredible effort by the team to design and implement the new season’s content into an F1® game quicker than ever before, delivering on another request from our wonderful community – and the new-season content is far from the only thing to be excited about. Players have also been calling for some kind of ‘Career’ or ‘Season’ mode in the game, offering a long-term opportunity to race hard and prove your worth over an entire campaign.

Well, we heard you.


Season Championship is the next step forward for our GRAND PRIX™ Events mode, which has been a huge hit since arriving earlier this year. After some off-season races, the limited-time events aligned with the real-world season, with a GRAND PRIX™ Event taking place during each race weekend. Each event has been self-contained, featuring one-off global leaderboards and prizes – until now.

Season Championship combines all GRAND PRIX™ Events to give all players the chance to compete against the world, throughout this year’s championship. As well as the usual rewards at the end of each event, huge prizes will be on offer to the top racers at the middle and end of the season, including huge currency rewards and exclusive customisation items.

It’s a fantastic way to prove your dominance in the fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled world of F1® Mobile Racing. We can’t wait to see what you think of Season Championship, and to see who’s competing for the top prizes come the end of the campaign! Think you’ve got what it takes?

Before and after launch, we’ll have plenty more to get you acquainted with Update 5, including glimpses of the update in action and information on other new additions and changes.

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