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SRT Sim Racing Telemetry disponibile su iOS e Android


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The new version 1.7.0 is is out now and adds support for F1 2021!

Here the main new features of this new version:

- F1 2021 - Added native support for F1 2021 (by Codemasters). Press the "Help" button in the recording screen of SRT for the detailed instructions.

- Color palette - Thanks to your feedbacks, we fixed a bug causing too dark colors in some charts. But as we were not satisfied enough, you can now customize the "color palette" used by SRT to better suit your preferences. You can find the option in the "Settings" menu.

- Recording settings - You can now customize the available recording settings for each game. You can access the options from both the "Settings" menu and the "Recording" page. Options include - for example - the "UDP listening port" for F1* games, simplifying how to use SRT with other tools at the same time.

v1.7.0 is available on all the supported platforms: PC, macOS, iOS, Android. Links in our website:

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We're excited to share an important news: we reworked the recording system of Sim Racing Telemetry, and the upcoming version — that will be available on November 3 — will be able to record data from the PC Shared Memory. This will make it possible to add support for an important range of new games in the near future! To celebrate this technical upgrade, as first game, we decided to add support to one of the most appreciated sim racing games: Assetto Corsa!

The PC version of Sim Racing Telemetry will be able to record detailed telemetry data from Assetto Corsa, running on the same PC, simply pressing the "Start" button in the recording screen. All the features of SRT are then available, also if racing with modded cars or tracks.

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Come anticipato qualche giorno fa, è disponibile oggi la nuova build di Sim Racing Telemetry, potente, semplice e versatile programma per l'analisi della telemetria. La nuova release aggiunge il supporto ai giochi che condividono i dati utilizzando la memoria condivisa del PC, quindi, per celebrare questo aggiornamento tecnico, come primo gioco che utilizza questa tecnologia, gli sviluppatori hanno deciso di aggiungere il supporto a Assetto Corsa.

Per registrare i dati di telemetria dettagliati da Assetto Corsa, basta semplicemente premere il pulsante "Start" nella schermata di registrazione. Le istruzioni dettagliate (e l'elenco dei parametri di telemetria registrati) sono disponibili al seguente link. Proprio da oggi inoltre, è disponibile via Steam la modalità Trial gratuita per Assetto Corsa, cosi da verificare le potenzialità del software. E' possibile comunque già acquistare Sim Racing Telemetry per Assetto Corsa al prezzo di euro 9,99.

Oltre alla novità Assetto Corsa, vi ricordiamo che SRT supporta anche altri titoli, come i titoli F1 di Codemasters e Project CARS 2. Da notare infine che la nuova versione 1.8.0 è disponibile solo per la versione PC di Sim Racing Telemetry, in quanto la "memoria condivisa" è una tecnologia disponibile solo su PC. Gli sviluppatori stanno però già lavorando a una soluzione per gli utenti che eseguono SRT su altre piattaforme (iOS, Android, macOS).







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Hi! And welcome to a new version of Sim Racing Telemetry!

This release introduces many small Quality Of Life improvements and extends Shared Memory support on all platforms (yes, it's time for "Assetto Corsa on mobile"!).


Thanks to your feedback, it was time to refresh some graphics and re-work some details to improve the daily usage of SRT

- We added sector marks on both the track view and the position slider.

- Sessions now report the theoretical best lap time, based on the best intermediates of the session.

- You can now use the filter parameters box to quickly search thorough the available telemetry parameters.

- New graphics for the F1 games.

- A shiny new What's New dialog, with images and links to our social channels!

- A new Welcome Page is shown on fresh app installs (if you're curious, you can open it from the Settings screen).


As anticipated, now you can use Sim Racing Telemetry on mobile (and macOS) while driving on Assetto Corsa for PC!

The system requires the free version of Sim Racing Telemetry for PC to forward data from your local PC Shared Memory to your remote device.

Press the Help button in the Recording screen of Assetto Corsa for all the instructions.

Sim Racing Telemetry su Steam (

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We tried our best to release support for F1 22 as soon as possible! You can unlock the unlimited version in the dedicated DLC page:

To release the integration sooner, the new Racing Line feature introduced recently in v1.10 is currently not available for F1 22. But we're already working on it and it'll be available in a few weeks.

The updated version of SRT on mobile will roll-out following the approval process of the mobile digital stores. If you use SRT also on iOS or Android, this could require few extra days.

Notizie di Steam - Sim Racing Telemetry - v1.11 - Support for F1 22 and QoL improvements (

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Support for Assetto Corsa Competizione is coming on Sep 19

The wait is nearly over: on Sep 19 Sim Racing Telemetry we'll add support for Assetto Corsa Competizione

The update will be available on all the supported platforms of SRT, but only the PC version of ACC shares telemetry data. If you use Sim Racing Telemetry on a mobile device or macOS, you'll need to use the free PC version of SRT to forward data to your remote device. When the update will be available, we'll provide more details and updated documentation to record telemetry data from ACC.

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