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Video guida alla telemetria con Scott "Driver61" Mansell


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Scott Mansell, pilota professionista inglese meglio noto come Driver61, ha pubblicato la prima puntata di un video corso che spiega come utilizzare al meglio l'acquisizione dei dati e la telemetria per migliorare le performance, strumenti che sono disponibili anche con i migliori simulatori di guida sul mercato.

Data logging or acquisition is now commonly used across all forms of motorsport. In this Driver's University tutorial, our driver coach, Scott Mansell, takes an overall look at how to use data logging and how it can help you become faster on track. This introductory tutorial is the first in a mini-series that will detail how to make the most out of data logging as drivers.

For more driving technique tutorials: There are many motorsport data logging systems available on the market, from GPS-only units to HD video systems that can log hundreds of channels. As drivers we don't necessarily need hundreds of channels of information - these are usually for engineers to check various information from the engine, suspension and tyres enabling them to understand exactly what's happening dynamically with the car.

To make the most out of data logging as a driver, the best option is something like the vBox Video HD2 or Aim Solo 2 systems which includes GPS data, two cameras and the opportunity to include channels such as throttle position and brake pressure. As drivers, the most important channels are speed, throttle position, brake pressure and RPM.


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