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Project CARS 2: funzioni broadcasting tool e replay


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Con un nuovo articolo sul blog ufficiale, il team Slightly Mad Studios ci spiega in dettaglio tutte le nuove funzioni del replay ed il potente e completo tool dedicato al broadcasting in diretta, che saranno disponibili con il prossimo Project CARS 2.

If passive spectating is not enough for your adrenaline fix and you find yourself inspired to broadcast the exciting race action to the rest of the world, you’re in luck because Project CARS 2 will allow you to do precisely that: By employing a whole host of dedicated tools, you can now take control of the feed, and broadcast the race in ways that are pretty much limited only by your imagination.
Race directors can be nominated from within multiplayer lobbies. When the director joins a race, they are presented with a purposefully designed Director Control screen which is all-new to Project CARS 2. The control screen includes a sophisticated interface for streamlining the process of creating broadcast feeds, allowing them to navigate the cameras and race information quickly and fluidly in order to provide a dynamic, slick and smooth experience for the viewers. The director has access to the same wide range of camera views, race information, and telemetry as is available in replay and spectator modes.








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