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Project CARS 2: Honda 2&4 car


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The Honda 2&4 is a simple thing: a car that weighs 400kgs and is powered by a 212bhp Moto GP engine that redlines at 14,000rpm. That’s pretty-much all you need to know, right?
The concept itself was the product of an internal design competition sponsored by Honda and incorporating all of its design studios around the world: 80 of Honda’s most prestigious engineers and designers who, themselves, would choose the winning design—a design that had to embody Honda’s racing soul on both two- and four-wheels.
For the record, the winning design came from Martin Petersson out of Honda’s Asaka Motorcycle R&D Center in Japan. The concept, unsurprisingly then, features inspiration from motorcycle design including the central spine or frame on which the floor is attached with ground-effects, allowing the incredibly light-weight body to come without any drag-inducing wings.
Given it has four wheels, though, handling is optimized by the use of race-inspired double-wishbones, while the adjustable dampers are motorbike-derived Öhlins. The motorbike theme continues in the cockpit itself­—with room for two with the race-seat being a “floating” design in order to bring it as close to the ground as possible.
The section next to the cockpit is actually removable, creating space for a passenger, in case you wanted to bring someone to the ’Ring and scare them to death. And speaking of the driver—the seat doesn’t move, only the steering wheel and pedal-box move in order to keep the centre of gravity as low as possible—and we’re talking about a few millimetres off the ground low. All of this because, as Honda note, the concept “combines the open and engaging feel of a motorcycle and the dynamic handling capabilities of an automobile.”
To get that type of performance, Honda turned to their Moto GP program to derive the engine: the all-winning 999CC RC213V. The engine drives the rear-wheels only and makes its absolutely screaming-banshees sound from out of a titanium exhaust located just behind the driver’s head.

Gears are drive-by-wire paddles off the steering wheel featuring a six-speed ’dual-clutch box with seriously quick upshift and down.
The concept was shown, initially, in only one livery, and the inspiration for that is as cool as the car itself—the 1965 Honda RA272 Formula One car that won Honda’s first GP 50 years to the year when the 2&4 was first shown in 2015.
Given this is an open-wheel race car concept for the street, it just fits beautifully.
"Honda Project 2&4 seeks to create an intense driving experience by combining the most thrilling elements of riding a motorcycle with the most engaging characteristics of driving a car. The result not only showcases the creativity flowing through Honda’s design studios, but also challenges expectations of the future of mobility," Honda said at the time the concept was first shown.
The car, of course, is only a concept, and the only way you’ll get to drive in all its authentic glory is in Project CARS 2. The cost for the concept as shown would be high—the engine alone is around the $200,000 mark. But interestingly, Honda, in early 2017, and as reported by Motor Trend, filed papers in the US for a patent for a vehicle that bears a lot of resemblance to the 2&4 concept.

So while the world waits to see if Honda will actually build this thing for the road, you can spend your time thrashing it in Project CARS 2. Finding its base-time around the ’Ring sounds like a real challenge …
The Honda 2&4 concept is available with the The Japanese Car Pack. Pre-order now.






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