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Project CARS 2 ci porta sulla Sopraelevata di Monza


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Il team Slightly Mad Studios ci presenta questa sera la mitica pista di Monza in versione storica, quindi con il tratto spettacolare della Sopraelevata, che potremo percorrere con il prossimo Project CARS 2. Da non perdere i nuovi screens di anteprima.

The Autodromo Nazionale Monza is the third oldest purpose-built track in the world, conceived as both a venue for the Italian Grand Prix, and to give Italian automakers a high-velocity track on which to R&D their products.
Since 1922, when the track was built in less than 110 days, it has gone on to haunt generations of drivers with its beauty, speed, and indifference to tragedy.

That original track’s genesis was inspired by the need to bring back a sense of national pride to a nation humiliated at the inaugural Italian Grand Prix, held at the technical and slow-speed Montechiari circuit in Brescia in 1921, when French driver Goux in a distinctly French Ballot beat Italy’s best grand prix cars that were as big on horsepower and noise as they were low on grip and handling.








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