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[GTL Add-On]Le Mans Classics mod


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Le Mans Classics mod

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A free car add-on for GT Legends game (SimBin). Contents some kind of historic Le Mans racing series cars from late 60s / early 70s.
This game pack is enhanced with another vehicles yet, which never raced Le Mans, but are related to the main car list strongly. Typically with Le Mans longtail vehicles are also its shortails available there.

2D/3D stuff: BorekS, RookieoftheMans, Marco F., tsf2, dbstreet and DonPanoz 
Car physics: deep-strike
Sounds: NEChris and wolferl, adapted for the cars by deep-strike
Special thanks to: LooseEther, Altbierbude testdrivers MichaW, Manfred Haupenthal, Terra24, valentinocavrag, Norbert Calenborn  

Ferrari 330 P3/4
Ferrari 330 P4
Ferrari 412P
Ford Mk.IV
Porsche 907 K
Porsche 907 LH
Porsche 908 K
Porsche 908 LH
Porsche 917 K (1969)
Porsche 917 L (1969)


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